Alien Dawn, 6A



4th Dimension


pp. 149-51 John Mitchell

p. 149

"In the mid-1960s, John Mitchell, who had studied Russian literature at Cambridge, became fascinated ... by Jung's book Flying Saucers -- A Myth of Things Seen in the Skies (1958). ...

p. 150

Mitchell's starting point is not dissimilar to {from} that of Erich von Da:niken or Robert Temple. ... His first book The Flying Saucer Vision (1967) cites dozens of parallels between UFO lore and mythology ... . ... .

... Alfred Watkins, ... in ... 1931, noticed that

old churches, standing stones, barrows and hilltops were often connected by 'old straight tracks'. Watkins called them 'ley lines'. ...

{These are often the so-called "fairy-paths and spirit-roads", which before the aira of the automobile were commonly walked by churchgoers and by pilgrims.}

p. 151

Mitchell noted that certain areas with a high level of UFO sightings -- like Warminster in Wiltshire and Glastonbury in Somerset -- were often crosscrossed with ley lines, and

suggested some connection.

{The connection is that old-fashioned human pilgrims and flying saucers undertake peregrinations along the self-same to routes to the self-same sites.}

He also noted that the Chinese version of ley lines are known as dragon paths (lung mei). ... .

{The Walpiri version of ley-lines is known as a "songline" : "The dreaming track is that of Jarapiri, the Snake Man" (FP&SR, p. 167).}

... in ... the characteristic culture of the 1950s, .... most of the fashionable intellectuals were leftists who believed that socialism would bring about the millennium. {It is a prime method of hireling-stooges of the ploutokrat class to ridicule any radicals' reliance on the supernatural : simply because to induce progressives to abandon divine is effectively to defeat their otherwise-feasible progress.} ...

{The only practicable means of attainment of socialism/communism in the material universe is for such to be enabled by supernatural/praeternatural divinities/entities. This is due to the fact that the ploutocracy praesently hath such a firm grip on all oikonomic and political affairs on the material-plane of this planet, and likewise on all other such planets in the material-plane as have not as yet been divinely liberated from capitalism.}

Instead, he pursued the subject of ley lines ..., and his book The View Over Atlantis (1969) brought them to the attention of a wider audience, with the incidental effect of making Glastonbury a centre of pilgrimage for 'New Agers'. John Nicholson [Schreiber & Nicholson 1987, p. 41] wrote in an essay on Mitchell :

[quoted] Hippies turned themselves into new guardians of ancient skills and wisdom by

rejecting industrial society and

{More realistically, it is capitalist oikonomics in particular, instead of all "industrial society" in general (which would include the Workers' International Industrial Union!) that is to be rejected.}

communing at old sites, or going for mystical rambles along ley lines, keeping an eye open for UFOs."

{Surely it must be the designated function of such "communing" to recruit deities for the eventual abolishment of capitalism!}

FP&SR = Paul deVereux : Fairy Paths & Spirit Roads : Exploring Otherworldly Routes in the Old and New Worlds. Vega (imprint of Chrysalis Bks), London, 2003.

Schreiber & Nicholson 1987 = Laurel Schreiber & John Nicholson : An English Figure. London : Bozo.

pp. 152-4 Carl Jung & Rimbaud

p. 152

"What Jung has done is to make absolutely clear why flying saucers have exercised such a powerful influence ... . It is the ... craving for 'another reality'. ...

{That which is absolutely clear is the fact that it hath been the divine denizens of the supernatural flying saucers themselves which have by telepathic influence imbued humanity with a divinely-inspired craving for the divine reality of the Otherworld.}

Rimbaud ... taught himself how to see ["2ndD"; Rimbaud 2005, p. 289] 'a mosque ..., angels ..., ... roads of the sky ... : monsters, mysteries'. But the

increasing possibility that our planet

{improving communications with praeternatural entities, proving definitely that our planet}

p. 153

is being visited by creatures from another world or another dimension seems to turn Rimbaud's dream into reality. ...

During an interview ... in 1959, Jung made it clear that he thought flying saucers were factual ... . ...

Jung ... had no doubt of the reality of the paranormal. One day ..., there was a loud report from the next room. He rushed in to find that a walnut table had split from the rim to the centre. ... Soon after, there was a loud report from the sideboard, and Jung found that the breadknife had snapped into several pieces. ...

p. 154

Then his ... cousin, Helen Preiswerk, began to develop mediumistic powers. One day ..., she {or more accurately, her possessed body} went into a trance, and {her mouth} began to speak in a voice totally unlike her own ... . ...

In the fifth chapter of Flying Saucers : A Myth of Things Seen in the Skies, Jung points out ...

UFOs ... cases where they are seen yet not picked up on radar, and cases where they are picked up on radar but cannot be seen."

{The flying-saucer denizers themselves must have their own reasons for producing such widely-variant resultant cases.}

"2nd D" = "2nd Delirium : Alchemy of the Word". In :- Jean Nicholas Arthur Rimbaud : A Season in Hell.

Rimbaud 2005 = Jean Nicholas Arthur Rimbaud (transl. by Wallace Fowlie; updated by Seth Whidden) : Rimbaud : Complete Works, Selected Letters, a Bilingual Edition. Univ of Chicago Pr, 2005.

p. 155 double universe

"The apprehension of beauty cannot be explained in mere physical {i.e., materialistic} terms ... . ...

{It may be understood that neither beauty, nor any of the qualities which characterize it (such as shape, color, sound, etc.), is material, but is instead (from our soul's own point-of-view) emotive and/or mental.}

Living itself -- insofar as it involves consciousness -- means living in a kind of parallel universe, from which we view actuality ... . ...

In fact, consciousness is made of a different kind of substance from the physical {material} world ... . ...

We all exist in two worlds at the same time. ...

{That is largely true of the waking-state; whereas the dreaming-state is almost entirely immaterial/subtle/otherworldly.}

Forming judgement, grasping meaning, appreciating beauty, all demand the same faculty as the artist calls inspiration".

pp. 156-7 Orfeo Angelucci

p. 156

"Jung received a copy of ... The Secret of the Saucers by a 'contactee' named Orfeo Angelucci, a person who describes himself as ... evangelist of the 'flying saucer vision'. Angelucci describes how, ... on 23 May1952, he experienced a dreamlike sensation, ... he saw a red, oval-shaped object on the horizon. Suddenly, it shot upward, releasing two balls of green fire, from which he heard a voice ..., and the voice told him that he was in communication with friends from another world. ... Then the space between the disks began to glow until it formed a kind of television screen, on which he saw a man and woman of supernatural beauty. They seemed strangely familiar to him. Suddenly the screen vanished, and he once again heard the voice (... telepathic), explaining that ...

p. 157

'you are not aware of the true mystery of your being'. The UFOs, it explained, came from a mother ship; but the space beings did not need flying saucers, since they were 'etheric' entitities; the UFOs were used only to manifest themselves {in a suitably dignified manner} to man.

'Cosmic Law'

{commonly known as the "Prime Directive"}

prevented them from ... interfering in human destiny."

"Two months later, it happened again -- the same dreamlike sensation, followed by the appearance of a huge hemispherical soap bubble, with a door in it ... . There was a humming sensation, and music came from the walls.

He saw ..., and ... it seemed to grow smaller. ...

{This was intended to praepare him for viewing objects receding into the distance as the hemisphairical vehicle he was aboard was traveling in outer space.}

Then he was looking at Earth from outer space. ... As they were returning to Earth, ... Angelucci seemed to see all his previous {recent} incarnations, and {therewith} understood the mysteries of life."

"In September 1953, he fell into a trance which lasted a week; during this time, he was transported to another planet, with noble, etheric beings who fed on nectar and ambrosia. He was told that his real name was Neptune; his male teacher was actually Orion, while his female teacher was called Lyra. When Lyra treated him with tenderness, he responded with human erotic feelings".

p. 159 Charles Laughead

"Dr Charles ... had been receiving these messages via a trance medium, and the 'entities' made a number of predictions, ... that the world was going to end on 21 December 1954 -- North America would split in two, the east coast would sink into the sea, and half of Europe would be destroyed.

{These messages may have some fairly evident figurative significance : to suggest, e.g., that the solstices may eventually become international holidays; that the distinction amongst nationalities of immigrants to the United States may eventually make for some "split" in American culture; etc.}

Only the chosen few -- including Dr Laughead -- would be rescued by spaceships."

{This would be intended to signify that, after their deaths, souls of contactees will be transported from this planet to another via flying saucers.}

pp. 159-60 Dino Kraspedon

p. 159

"'Dino Kraspedon' ... his book My Contact With Flying Saucers ... was translated from the Portuguese ... . He tells how, in 1952, he and a friend ... in mountains near Sa~o Paulo, Brazil, ... saw five flying saucers. ... But on the third day, ... a saucer landed, and they were allowed to go on board. ... They went on board, were shown the craft and told how it worked, after which the captain ... explained that he was from a satellite of Jupiter, and then proceeded to lecture ... . ...

p. 160

The space captain also suggests that most education could be conducted with the aid of sleep learning, and that

criminality could be eliminated with the use of hypnosis."

{True; but capitalism hath a vested interest in criminality. Capitalism is involved in deliberately maintaining high crime-rates, in order to distract the attention of the general public from the looting of the working-class (by the capitalist-class by means of the wage-system).}

"Kraspedon's real name was

Aladino Felix ... .

{<ala >ud-din Sa<ad}

In 1967 he appeared on television and

foretold the assassination of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy,

{He may have been told about these forthcoming events by the spacecraft-captain, whose intelligence-system had penetrated the schemes of the Kennedy-family's political adversaries (praesumably in the Republican Party) within national politics.}

which duly occurred."

pp. 161-4 supernatural entities communicate (directly and indirectly) with John Keel

p. 161

"John Keel ... . In 1966, after he had begun his full-scale investigations of the UFO phenomenon ..., the phenomenon 'zeroed in' on him."

[quoted from Keel :] "Luminous objects seemed to follow me around ... . The objects seemed to know where I was going and where I had been. ...

More than once I woke up in he middle of the night to find myself unable to move,

{This is so-called "sleep paralysis".}

with a huge dark apparition standing over me. ...

{There is commonly a visionary accompaniment to "sleep paralysis".}

When my thinking went awry and my concepts were wrong, the phenomenon actually led me back onto the right path. It was all an educational process."

{This is a desirable process, for one's understandings to be divinely corrected by spirit-guides.}

p. 162

"In May 1967, the entities promised many of the silent contactees that a big power failure would occur. On 4 July 1967, there was a massive power failure in four states on the east coast.

The contactees were then told -- and in turn told Keel -- that ... Two plane crashes were predicted, both of which occurred. ...

p. 163

On 11 December 1967, a mysterious phone caller informed Keel that there would be an ae[:]roplane disaster in Tucson, Arizona. The following day an Air Force jet crashed on a shopping centre in Tucson."

"One 'UFO entity' called Mr Apol {wizard Apollonios of Tuane in Luk-aonia?}, who talked to him [Keel] on the phone[,] predicted a major disaster on the Ohio River ... when President Johnson pulled the switch on the White House lawn ... .

The Ohio River was of particular interest to Keel, because ... he had spent a great deal of time during the past year at a place called Point Pleasant, West Virginia, following up a UFO investigation which involved a strange winged figure who became known as Mothman, and every day he crossed the bridge ... into Point Pleasant. For a whole year, Point Pleasant had been virtually the UFO capital of America. ...

President Johnson threw the switch, and ... A moment later, the programme was interrupted by a news flash. A bridge connecting Gallipolis in Ohio and West Virginia had just collapsed. Keel knew that there was only one bridge on that section of the river -- the one he crossed regularly to Point Pleasant. It was as if the UFO entities had wanted him to be watching television at that precise moment. ...

A few hours later, the Australia Prime Minister, Harold Holt, went for a swim from a beach near Melbourne, and disappeared. The UFO entities had also predicted his disappearance."

{Surely, the praeternatural entites who had informed John Keel had also arranged this death -- praesumably by causing the prime minister to faint (lose consciousness) for an interval of time long enough to drown in. Likely this was their way of conveying a message concerning a "HOLT" ('river-bank burrow of an otter'), perhaps concerning the one belonging to (ChO 2:8) mythic otter Andvari; as relating to the "BOURNE" ('riverbank') of the MELiai nymphai (elm-goddesses). [written Jan 23 2016]}

p. 164

"Keel comments, '... I didn't cry their warning from the housetops.

{unlike a certain well-known prophet who was crucified after advocating this praecisely procedure to "preach ... on the housetops" (Epistole kata Matthaios 10:27)}

I didn't surround myself with a wild-eyed cult impressed with the accuracy of the previous predictions.'

If he had -- using his syndicated newspaper column -- he would probably found himself in the same unfortunate position as Charles Laughead."

{or, worse, else he could have become a victim of secret state-police murdering suspects of conspiracy in collusion with extraterrestrial-alien governments}

ChO = Padraic Colum : The Children of Odin. Macmillan Publ Co, NY, 1920.

{The name /PADraic/ could relate to /PADen city/ upriver on the Ohio river, in WV.} {The name /GALLIPOLis/ may relate to the /GALLIPOLI/ military campaign which Winston Churchill managed to turn into a another calamity; much as /Arabia/ in /Lawrence county/ (bordering Gallia county of Gallipolis) is commemorative of /Lawrence of Arabia/ who shamefully betrayed Mecca and Medina to the Wahhabi warriors -- all such treacheries being masterminded by the Thuringian Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family. Likely enough, the bridge's collapse is to indicate (such being the space-aliens' message from their flying saucers) that ultimately there will be no escape (from retribution) for that family, just as there was no escape for imperator Maxentius once he had sallied forth over MILVian (named for /MILUas/ of Apollonian Lukia -- mentioned in the Homeric hymn) bridge over the river Albula/Tiberis. This may have been a fate co-ordinately insigillated by WV authority when (in the Preston building) Preston county indicated a royal family by its Kingwood, shewing by nigh-bye Tunnelton a forthwith-forthcoming tunnel-encapsulated DYing by princess DIana. (Anyway, that she and her fiance' -- though found as yet alive just after the wreck -- while so mysteriously deterred from being delivered promptly to the nighest hospital, succumbed -- to what many regard as treachery inspired by the queen's command (subsequent to a praeliminary drugging of the driver), and had thus to be sent instead to the MORGue as indicated by /MORGantown/, this being a fate alike to that indicated by /CLARKsburg/, namely a succumbing -- alike unto that to kryptonite by CLARK Kent -- of the anti-war demonstrators at Kent State, Ohio -- may be referring also to /PARKERsburg/ of Peter PARKER.) [written Jan 23 2016]}

{Some of the odder occurrences [mentioned on p. 162 : strange telephone callers, ho^tel-reservations unaccountably made in his name, litterature for publication mailed to an editor in his name, etc.] may have been performed by deities acting as possessing-spirits while they were occupying bodies of mortal spirit-media : spirit-media who would be be absent from their material bodies or otherwise unaware of the events.}


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