Alien Dawn, 5B


pp. 136-42 enditement of John Keel's book Operation Trojan Horse

p. 136

"After three years of investigation of UFOs, Keel set down his conclusions in Operation Trojan Horse (1970). By this time, he had ... unearthed many interesting {weird, unearthly} stories from the past, including one from from Alenc,on, France, dating back to June 1790, described in a report by a Paris police inspector named Liabeuf. The witnesses, who included two mayors and a doctor, all told of an enormous globe that ...

started grass fires;

{This was performed by the globe with symbolical intent, likely to indicate (in the context of the aphorism "All flesh is grass") advocacy of, perhaps, a custom of cremation.}

then a door in its side opened, and a man came out, dressed in 'clothes completely adhering to his body' (i.e., a skin-tight suit) ... .

A few moments later, the globe exploded like a bubble, leaving only a fine powder.

{This theatrical-style act was evidently staged by extraterrestrials in order to (1) proclaim an advocacy of the Bauddha simile likening waking-world experience to "a bubble ... or a dream"; and/or (2) to indicate the futility of capitalism (many of whose stock-market schemes ended in collapses then called 'bubbles').}

Keel was also intrigued by the strange series of 'airship' sightings of 1896-97, when there were ... no airships in the United States. By February 1897, reports came from Nebraska, then ... Missouri and Arkansas, before the phenomenon moved south to Texas. By April dozens of stories started to come in from all over Texas, and were reported in the newspapers. ...

p. 137

The last people [in 1897] to report the airship [in Texas] were a couple ... of Fort Worth ... May 1897 ... . They both watched the large, dark object moving through the sky over Fort Worth, with a brilliant light underneath. Then the airship vanished ... . There had been 109 recorded sightings in Texas alone.

There were further 'airship flaps' {i.e., multiple-witness sightings of ae:roborne ae:rocraft} in America in 1909 and South Africa in 1914. And in Scandinavia, from 1932 to 1937, there was a wave of sightings of enormous ae[:]roplanes, bigger than any commercial planes then in use -- one was reported as having eight engines ... . What was so odd was that these craft appeared -- over Norway, Sweden and Finland -- in appalling weather conditions that kept all normal aircraft on the ground. Moreover, they would ... cut their engines, then circle at increasingly low altitudes, ... 'gliding' in this manner ... . They frequently flew low, and a powerful searchlight raked the countryside. ...

p. 138

In 1946, objects like rockets were sighted over Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Greece --

Sweden alone had more than 2,000 sightings. ...

{Was Sweden thus apparently being thereby divinely applauded for having remained neutral throughout the 2nd World War?}

In Greece, an investigation headed by Professor Paul Santorini concluded that the objects were not missiles. To begin with, they occasionally changed directions in mid-flight.

But Keel also ... spends most of a chapter in Operation Trojan Horse ... pointing out that they could not possibly be explained as meteors ... . Keel details ... that all these sightings fit the same pattern of what he calls 'flexible phantoms of the skies'.

After studying thousands of reports of sightings, Keel concluded that they tended to occur repeatedly in certain ... 'window areas'. He calculated that every state in the US has from two

p. 139

to ten window areas, where UFOs appear repeatedly for year after year. ...

And a majority of these are over areas of magnetic deviation -- that is, areas in which the earth's normal magnetism is distorted.

{This would indicate that the flying-saucer denizens are aware that these magnetic deviations (which would be induced by flowing of paramagnetic magma) induce some sorts of subtle (aithereal, astral, etc.) effects on subtle bodies of living beings.}

The famous disappearance of five planes on 5 December 1945 ...

{This event may have been caused by flying-saucers in order to denote disaapproval of the Truman Administration's having exploded two atomic-fission bombs over civilian-populated areas (which it was a war-crime to do, according to traditional standards of international law) in Japan earlier that year, without even apologizing afterwards.}

took place off the coast of Florida in one of Keel's window areas. (The flight leader reported over the radio that 'his instruments were going crazy'.)

Keel also noticed a 'January cycle' of UFO sightings which led him to predict correctly that there would be a 'flap' in January 1969.

As to the significance of such ... sightings as those of 1896-97. or the Scandinavian wave ... of the 1930s, he reaches the conclusion ...

that they wish to deceive us {is this alleged "us" the capitalist class, or the working class??} into assuming that they are simply a piece of advanced human technology. Flying saucers, he suggests, may be part of something else {but promoting what -- more oppression by capitalism war-mongers, or the advent of genuine working-class communism??} ... .

{Wrong -- the true explanation is entirely innocent! By displaying phantasmal ae:ro-ships of shapes familiar to people of the airai and sites witnessing those phantasms, the divine extraterrestrials were simply displaying to Earthlings that they already were in possession of on-going detailed descriptions of the habits, manners, and customs of Earthling society -- so that Earthlings would be able to realize that the advice wherewith they are benevolenting gifting humanity is soundly based in definite and detailed observation of human society, human oikonomics, human oikology, etc. (Their advice to Earthlings is, of course, a conjunct pair : world-peace and aequitable distribution of commodities -- both of which require international socialism/communism.) [written Sept 12 2014]}

In religious ages, the phenomenon has set out to convince us that it was of religious origin. ...

[comment by the author C.W. :] Yet this interesting theory [as propounded by Keel] hardly seems to make sense ... . ...

{Any thinking membre of the working-class who is able to recognize the significance of this, will immediately realize that the message of extraterrestrial supernaturals to their natural prote'ge's the workers is as yet (and always will) be the same -- to promote the religion of universal communism (which communism is exemplified in the doctrine of communion of the saints, and in communal religious orders of monks and of nuns) for the universal salvation of souls from the hideous evil of greed-maddened capitalism.}

In a chapter called 'The Cosmic Jokers' Keel ... tells the story of a man who had been investigating a UFO flap near Ithaca, NY, ... -- then lost his memory. But ... he drove to a railway crossing just in time

{The deity who was possessing the body of John Keel and was driving his car for him, timed his driving in order to result in such an event purposely. The event may have been intended to re-enact the voyage homeward towards Ithake by Odusseus on the raft : that raft was likewise demolished without injury to Odusseus. The reason for this re-enactment must surely have been convince hitherto-Christian America (along with Europe) to re-establish, according to the reputed intent of the Renaissance, a liberalized version of antient religions -- and inasmuch as this is the avowed intent of Hermetic religious reconstructionists, the event was intended to encourage such. [written Sept 12 2014]}

p. 140

to meet an oncoming train, which demolished his car -- although he escaped with only minor injuries.

Then, of course, there are the Men in Black -- men who pose {!!} as military intelligence ... officers, who call on [civilian] witnesses of UFO activity, question them for hours, and warn them to keep silent. ...

[comment by the author C.W. :] As a theory, this hardly seems to make much sense -- but, then, neither does anything else ... .

{Because C.I.A. officers are always called in to swear military personnel to secrecy after any major flying-saucer events at secret military installations (as described in UFO&N, passim), it is likely enough that a similar process is involved with civilians (though with civilians, the N.S.A. may be involved instead of the C.I.A.).}

What Keel does not explain {in adequate detail} is ... {the symbolism of} absurd encounters [with extraterrestrial aliens] ... . ...

Are such encounters intended -- as Vallee suggests -- to re-create folklore and myth about 'little people' in modern terms? ... .

{Yea indeed!}

In late November 1966, Keel had interviewed ... the niece of ... the stringer (local correspondent) for Associated Press in Point Pleasant, Virginia. ... driving home from church ... she had suddenly seen a giant ... figure ... grey, and shaped like man, but far bigger, and ... staring at her with glowing red eyes ... . ... a pair of ten-foot wings unfolded, and it rose into the air, swooped towards her, and zoomed past overhead. ... But, in fact, her sighting was the first of more than a hundred [sightings by eyewitnesses of this flying monstre]. And many of the witnesses suffered the same effect ... : severe conjunctivitis -- her eyes reddened, watered and swelled until she could hardly see. Soon, half the nation's press and television were in West Virginia working on stories about the creature {monstre} who became known as Mothman.

p. 141

... a wave of UFO sightings over West Virginia -- often accompanied by severe conjunctivitis -- made it clear that there had to be some connection [of Mothman with flying saucers]. A young couple who were making love naked in the back of a car were interrupted by a large ball of bluish fire that hovered close to them, and, the next morning, both

were heavily sunburnt, and had red, swollen eyes.

{likely thereby to convey an awareness that ordinary material bats' eyesight cannot usually endure bright daylight}

Keel was soon convinced that UFOs are ... 'paraphysical' entities, who are related to the 'manifestations involved in religious miracles and spiritual seances'. ...

Keel also points out that there have been thousands of radar sightings of UFOs that cannot be seen with the naked eye. That can only mean that UFOs must be {emanating from themselves?} a form of energy beyond the light spectrum. He mentions that one of the ... aspects of UFOs ... is that they often change colour, usually from orange to red to violet ... . ...

[quoted from Keel :] In the white condition the object can traverse distances visibly, but radical maneuvers of ascent or descent require it to alter its

p. 142

frequencies ..., and this produces new color changes. In the majority of all landing reports, the objects were said to have turned orange ... before descending. When they settle on the ground they 'solidify,' and glow red again. Sometimes reportedly they ... vanish. Other times they shift through all the colors of the spectrum, turn white, and fly off".

UFO&N = Robert L. Hastings : UFOs and Nukes. Authorhouse, Bloomington (IN), 2008.

pp. 142-5 John Keel's book The Eighth Tower

p. 142

"In ... The Eighth Tower, Keel points out that ... radio ... waves of very low frequency (VLF radio waves) ... would stop car engines by interfering with

their electrical circuits. ...

{specifically, the spark plugs and their battery power-supply}

So if, as Keel believes, UFOs can change their energy vibrations and

p. 143

descend down the spectrum from cosmic rays to VLF, their various effects, from the stopping of car engines to inflammation of the eyes and testes, would all be explained. ... .

... Keel ... speculates :

[quoted :] Somewhere in this tangled mass of ... frequencies there lies

an omnipotent intelligence. ....

{or rather, a definitively interco-operative spectrum of divine intelligences}

This intelligence is able to ..., quite literally, manipulate any kind of object

into existence

{instead, "into prominence or thriving or successfulness"}

on our planet. For centuries occultists have called this process transmutation or transmogrification. Thousands of books have been published on this process, many of them serving as secret texts for ... sorcerers."

"Keel writes : '... Many contactees have been told that they were selected

p. 144

because of their aura. ... A sintly person has a golden radiation.' And he cites an Australian contactee who was told by two aliens in space suits that they had been able to contact him because of his aura. ...

In The Eighth Tower, Keel writes : 'Another world of intelligent energy is intermingled with ours and is very aware of us ...; it can manipulate past {viz., inferredly, by altering praesent effects supposedly deriving from the past?} and present events to prepare the way for more important future events.' ... Keel says that this superior intelligence can foresee the future.

In fact, so can many human beings. [fn. 1 : "See Riddle of the Future by Andrew Mackenzie, London, 1974."] ...

{Humans have such an ability only if and when it be temporarily vouchsafed to them by transcendent deities abiding in the subtler planes-of-existence.}

The same is true of many other powers -- for example, the 'travelling clairvoyance' and levitation witnessed by John Keel in Tibet, or the simple ability to read someone's mind. In fact, Keel himself possesses this power. He writes in The Eighth Tower :

[quoted :] In my early teens I found that I could sometimes sense what other people were thinking ... .

p. 145

Now and then ... I can not only sense what they are thinking. I can project my own thoughts into their mind and they accept these thoughts as their own."

p. 145 persons who have vision of a wider reality

"Some seem to be born with a wider vision -- the so-called psychics,

while some experience a kind of suffocation that drives them to struggle instinctively for a wider vision : poets, artists, philosophers.

And some people experience a momentary glimpse of a wider reality which transforms their vision of the world."

pp. 145-7 elemental spirits & cosmic-consciousness

p. 145

[quoted from an epistle from John Keel to the author C.W., dated 18 April 1984] "For many years now, I have been quietly interviewing warlocks and trying to develop a book based on the actual experiences of natural witches and warlocks -- people who are born with the ability to perceive and control {to communicate amiably with, certainly not "control"!} the elementals.

They seem to be several steps beyond mediums. Mediums are used by the phenomenon.

{The possessing-spirits controlling spirit-media are actually quite a different category of divinity from elemental spirits, so that the experiences of spirit-media are not comparable with the experiences of communicants with elemental entities.}

Warlocks, on the other hand, are able to use these forces. Unfortunately, most of them seem to come to a tragic end -- suicides, murders, bizarre deaths. But it is apparent that thousands of people in each generations suffer from this uneasy talent. {But suicide can hardly be described as "tragic" if deliberately undertaken in order to attain therethrough (i.e., postmortemly) to some supernal world!} ...

{Elemental spirits (designated "weak and beggarly" in Epistole to the Galatai 4:9) tend to address their mortal correspondent in excessively obsequious diction. This, howbeit, is simply of matter of formal politeness customary to their conduct, and is no actual indication of lack of puissance. The appropriate mode of reply to them would be with at least aequally self-depraecating obsequience : but if their mortal correspondent should be so foolish as to respond with haughty arrogance (praesuming to command them about -- as an egregious example of indecorous response), then they personally take this as an intended extreme insult to their kind, and (though they rendre no protest verbally) they will in condign recompense arrange a gruesome death for the mortal. [written Sept 13 2014]}

At 18, I woke one night in a furnished room near Times Square and had what can only be described as an illuminating experience.

p. 146

For a few brief moments I suddenly understood everything and I was really one with the cosmos.

{This is samadhi : unification of atman with brahman.}

Before writing this section I telephoned Keel in New York -- ... I asked him about his mystical experience. He described how he had awakened in the middle of the night, and found his room suffused with a pink or orange glow ... . ... Then followed the experience of thinking with amazing clarity, and seeming to know everything --

the origin of the universe, the creation and purpose of human beings ... . ...

{Praesumably "origin of the universe" is the beginning of the kalpa; while "creation and purpose of human beings" is the beginning of the manu-antara.}

In 1969, the {classical-history} novelist Robert Graves told me of a similar experience, which he had described in a story called 'The Abominable Mr Gunn'. ... he received a 'celestial illumination', and suddenly 'knew everything'. Graves describes it as 'a simple method of looking sideways at disorderly facts so as to make perfect sense of them'. ...

Keel ..., in the 1960s, ... came upon R. M. Bucke's classic Cosmic Consciousness, in which Bucke describes how ... he suddenly found himself 'wrapped in a flame-coloured cloud' ... . This was followed by 'an intellectual illumination impossible to describe' including the recognition that

the whole universe is composed of living matter.

{The lives which are inhaerent in physical matter are those of the elemental spirits. This is a Rosicrucian doctrine, and is not unknown in traditional Jaina doctrine.}

The experience led Bucke ... to include in the book

p. 147

fifty studies of mystics through the ages, all of whom had a similar experience."

"weak and beggarly Elementals"


Colin Wilson : Alien Dawn : an Investigation into the Contact Experience. Virgin Publ Ltd, London, 1998; Fromm Internat Publ, NY, 1998.

[pp. 146 & xiv The author's residence was in Cornwall. {The root word /CORN/ = Skt /KARN.a/ ('ear'; name of the hero-son of the Sun-god in the Maha-bharata). The grammatical termination /-WALL/ is a determinative for country-names, cognate with the /-WEL/ of Qart-wel (i.e., Kolkhis/Georgia); it is in contrast to the termination /-wili/ (often written "-vili") for names of persons -- the latter appearing (when designating the "name of names", the grammatical category of nominality) as */Wilinc^i/ ("Virin~ci") namesake of Wilna (Vilnius), indicatory of homologization atman with brahman in "cosmic consciousness" (mentioned on p. 146). Though this southern Kaukasian language is closely related to Sumerian (as per articles in the JRAS of the 1920s), Sumerian is so bereft of classificatory affices that its closely parallel languages in Europe (such as Magyar) can be distinguished from the elder proficiency of such affices, as in the ante-Keltic language of Prettania/Brittania, an archipelago named for its aequivalent to prutanis ('chief priest [at Miletos]', Aristoteles : Politika 1322b29), i.e. Cruaithnig (a name translated into Keltic as "Pictish" of the Picti, 'touchy'/'touche'', cf. Latin verb /pingere/ 'to touch' rather than 'to paint').}]