Alien Dawn, 4C


pp. 105-10 The Invisible College (1976)

p. 105

"But what fascinated him [Jacques Vallee] most about UFOs was what he called 'the psychic component' -- the tendency of UFOs (observed by Puharich and Geller) to behave more like ghosts than solid spacecraft. His next book, The Invisible College (1976), is devoted largely to this psychic component.

('The invisible college' refers to the small group of a hundred or so UFO investigators all over the world who keep one another informed of their data.) ...

{Historically, this term /Invisible College/ hath primarily applied to Rosicrucianism and its derivative Freemasonry, and by extension to other spirit-inspired authorships, such as of the book War in Heaven.}

In 1973, he met an engineering executive who described how he had been

on an archaeological field trip

{Most likely, the deities formerly worshipped at that archaiological site arranged the praeternatural manifestations witnessed by him. He could have been a devotee of those deities in his praevious lifetimes.}

when he'd seen a disk-shaped object, and had been taken on board. He was transported to a place where he was connected up to a 'teaching machine', a kind of computer ... . After what seemed a few hours, he returned to the spot where he had been abducted -- to find that he had been absent for eighteen days, and that his influential father had had the military and the police out searching for him. ... But he told Vallee that, for six months after the experience, he had needed an enormous amount of sleep -- more than twelve hours a night -- and after that his need for sleep then diminished until he needed only an hour or two every night. His powers of memory and concentration were enormously enhanced. ...

p. 106

Vallee compares the engineer's experience to that of ... Uri Geller ... contacted by benign intelligences ... . ...

Yet the case he goes on to cite -- that of a French doctor ... 'Dr X' -- seems ... about divine intelligences. Dr X ... observed two disk-shaped UFOs. Then the two came together and blended into one. This disk then turned into the vertical position ... .

Suddenly there was a loud bang, and it vanished. ...

[cf. supra p. 89 : "heard an explosion".] [cf. supra p. 90 : "again heard an explosion."]

Strange coincidences occurred, the doctor and his wife became telepathic, and on one occasion he experienced levitation.

Vallee then speaks of a case that ocurred at Aveyron, in France, where a farmer and his son saw glowing spheres that floated in the air. ... This witness began to sleep far more than usual, and also ... floating out of his body, during which time

his body became paralyzed --

{as if with "sleep-paralysis"}

a phenomenon that often accompanies 'out-of-the-body experiences'. ...

Vallee had first-hand experience of official cover-up ... in Normandy when ... A fisherman and his son ... at daybreak

p. 107

... saw a bright object hovering ... . It was yellow and emitted a conelike beam towards the ground. ... A radar installation had picked up the second UFO, and watched it move away over the sea. ... .

... Vallee ... implies that the UFO entities are trying to make individual contactees drop their rationalistic attitudes in favour of ... acceptance. ...

p. 108

Vallee describes how a midwestern woman named Mrs Keech woke up with an odd tingling feeling in her hand and arm, and proceeded to take up a pen and do automatic writing. The communicating 'entity' seemed kindly and protective, and signed himself 'Elder Brother'. Mrs Keech ... was channelling information from a higher level of reality. ... Elder Brother informed them that

there would soon be a tremendous ... earthquake and flood. ... .

{These terms are journalistic metaphors : "earth-shaking" news and "a flood" of information.}

... Vallee goes on to tell the story of Geller, Puharich and the invisible beings from Spectra.

And ... he goes on to tell a story about a Mrs Swan, who had also been writing down messages from space entities. ... And, when Mrs Swan was interviewed by an investigator named Commander Curtis,

she suggested that he should try to contact the entities. Oddly enough, Curtis tried, and got results.

{Evidently, the "space entities" had informed her that they were willing to communicate with Commander Curtis, if he were willing to reciprocate.}

The 'entities' told him that they were called AFFa,

{/AFFe/ is German for 'ape'.}

and were from Venus. And as a group of investigators sat in a Washington office, with Curtis writing down answers to questions, someone asked if they could see a flying saucer. They were told, 'Yes, look out of the window.' There ... that afternoon -- ... July 1959 -- they did see a cigar-shaped object that flew over Washington. ... Again, this sounds like firm evidence for the extraterrestrial-intelligence ... systematic ... as they tell the truth.

Vallee's own experiments, with a man of well-tested psychic ability, produced answers ... sensible and consistent.

Asked what UFOs were trying to do, the answer was, 'To harmonise this world with the rest of the universe.' (Phyllis Schlemmer's 'Tom' had said much the same thing. [vide supra p. 20]).

{There are continually fluctuating circumstances (political, social, oikonomic, intellectual, teleological, etc.) on the various continually communicatory levels (planes and subplanes of existence) of the universe, wherewith our planet must be, whilest interacting productively, kept variously telepathically harmonizing withal. The overall system is extremely complex, but by continuously shifting such modes of operation in the most efficient possible manner (as per ongoing computations involving the interactant universe-wide telepathic processes), it is possible to maintain a high degree of systematic technical reliability along the psychic-pneumatic lines of transcendental activities undertaken on variantly cosmic interchanges. Billions of galaxies, trillions of civilizations are continually involved, in immense projects. [written Sept 7 2014]}

p. 109

... Vallee's conclusion is that the answers were 'an instance of communication with a ... nonhuman. But ... its structure may be understandable only in terms ... more complex than what current physics places at our disposal ... .'"

Brazilian man P.G. : "November 1971, he was driving ... when a flying saucer was following them. ... The car engine seemed to lose power, and ... pulled into the side of the road ... . The saucer then landed, and little men took [P.G.] aboard and ... X-rayed him ... . After showing him a town map ..., they induced him to fall asleep."

"In the chapter on miracles, devoted to Fa`tima, Lourdes and the Guadaloupe Madonna, ... Witnesses at Fa`tima saw ... a doctor held a lighted candle under her hand for fifteen minutes, but her flesh was not even blistered {nor inflamed?}. ... .

p. 110

... the final 'miracle' at Fa`tima ... the sun seemed to change into a spinning snowball, then come down to earth in a zigzag motion, ... everything suddenly shone with rainbow colours".

Rosicrucian "Invisible College".

Freemasonic "Invisible College".

War in Heaven by Kyle Griffith (published in 1988).

pp. 111-4 Messengers of Deception (1979)

p. 111

"On 1 June 1967, a lens-shaped UFO had been seen over a suburb of Madrid, its bottom inscribed with a symbol like

a capital H, with curved uprights and a vertical line [at] the middle of the crossbar. ...

{This is a variant the emblem ("USM") of the planet of Ouranos.}

p. 112

After this, a writer and government employee named


{/Manzano/ is Spanish for 'apple' : cf. the name /Applewhite/ (on p. 113 infra).}

who had founded an organisation called the Friends of Space, began to receive an enormous amount of material {information} ... from aliens who originated on the planet

Ummo (spelt in capitals) {probably related to the Sumerian city named /UMMA/ : Sumerian words being conventinally transliterated in capital letters}

{/UMO/ is best known as the acronym for "University Of Maine", which is "Located in the town of Orono" ("AUM") -- the name /ORoNo/ being similar to the name /OuRaNos/.}

about three and a half {Cf. the 3-&-1/2 times that Kun.d.alini is coiled around the linga.}

{Daniye>l 12:7 (total 3 & 1/2) is provided in Apokalupsis of Ioannes 12:14 (total 3 & 1/2) an exegesis such that a woman (evidently Hagar -- B-Re>s^it 21:14-18) is divinely provided with wings for flying.}

light years from earth; its symbol was the crossed H. ... One letter began ... with ... Bertrand Russell ... really an Umman -- as ... were

Gandhi, Che Guevara, Karl Marx, Martin Luther King, Albert Schweitzer, Tolstoy and others. ...

{These were all pacifists, willing to resist militarist tyrannies.}

p. 113

The book is a fascinating ... study of various Californian cults investigated by Vallee, including a group called Human Individual Metamorphosis, led by a man called Applewhite, which {imputedly ascended to Heaven} ... two decades later in

a mass suicide -- the purpose being to join a spaceship ... . ...

{In this context, the name /UMMO/ may be intended as /UMa/ [the name of a goddess "who committed suicide" (STG, p. 4)] + Bodish /MO/ (feminine determinative).}

Then there was Grace Hooper Pettipher, head of the San Francisco Order of Melchizedek {Melki^-s.edeq}, who was always bumping into people who had been reincarnated from Atlantis {/A-TLAnti-/ = /A-TaLA/ (subterranean divine realm mentioned in Puran.a-s)}, and had also been in direct contact with the inhabitants of a UFO. Dr Pettipher had dissociated herself from ... Urantia ... . In pursuit of Urantia, Vallee studied the book, and was impressed. He was

p. 114

even more impressed when he came across a book called The Physiology of Faith and Fear by Dr William Sadler ..., in which Sadler admitted that ... he had been deeply impressed by The Book of Urantia ... .

Vallee remarks :

{How Sadler obtained the text for his Urantia Book ("IWS") : "He was told by a psychic that if he would ... ask any question and write the request on a piece of paper and then leave the paper in Dr. Sadler's desk, the following Monday they would have a complete written essay on this question."}

... about UFOs ... a phenomenon that leaves physical traces must be taken seriously,

{The specific "physical traces" being referred to are, of course, the written marks (graphite and/or ink) left by the jnun in reply on the paper already containing the written quaery.} {Cf. also the handwriting-on-the-wall of "Mne>, Mne>, tqeluparsin" (Daniye>l 5:25).}

but what can we say of people in contact with superior intelligences emanating from these objects? What should we do about ... the phenomenon of UFOs ... directing the evolution of mankind?"

{A fuller account (UFOR, p. 132) is that in 1925 a manuscript miraculously appeared beside a certain sleeping man; and that (GTSA, p. 31) further addenda of handwritten papers miraculously appeared beside the sleeping man for some years further : so that "these objects" were constituted by means of graphite or ink transported by telekinesis (from one earthly location, perhaps a temple altar in India or China, to the environs of the sleeping man) by means a trace of the emanation of divine energy from the divine dream-world into the profane waking world; so that what we ought to do is engage in the dynamics of cosmic telepathy.}

"USM" = "Uranus Symbol Meanings".

"AUM" = "About UMaine".

STG = Rachel Fell McDermott : Singing to the Goddess : Poems to Kali and Uma from Bengal. Oxford Univ Pr, 2001.

"IWS" = Mark Roser : "Interview with Dr. William Sadler".

UFOR = Sarah Lewis : (ed. by Christopher Partridge) : UFO Religions. Psychology Pr, 2003.

Daniye>l 12:7 (text) & (commentary)

Apokalupsis of Ioannes 12:14 "And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time".

B-Re>s^it 21

GTSA = Brad Gooch : Godtalk : Travels in Spiritual America. A.A. Knopf, 2002.

{"Joscelyn Godwin [1998, p. 350], of Colgate University, and ... Martin Gardner[1995, p. 98] posit that the sleeping man was Wilfred Kellogg, the husband of Lena's sister Anna."}

Godwin 1998 = Joscelyn Godwin : “Stockhausen’s Donnerstag aus Licht and Gnosticism.” . In :- Roelof van den Broek & Wouter J. Hanegraaff (edd.) : Gnosis and Hermeticism from Antiquity to Modern Times. State Univ of NY Pr. pp. 347-358.

Gardner 1995 = Martin Gardner : Urantia : the Great Cult Mystery. Prometheus Books, 1995.

{With William Sadler's method for obtaining the Urantia Book, cf. Edgar Cayce's revealing in his sleep-talking answers to medical quaestions from patients. Such prophets "were Edgar Cayce, Ross Peterson and Paul Salomon" ("LSP"), each obtaining "information from the Akashic records" to "answer with authority on any issue or question."}

"LSP" = Francesc Prims : "Interview with Douglas James Cottrell". ATHANOR MAGAZINE [Barcelona (Arago`n)] 87, May/June 2011.

{Parallel to the sleeping man's obtaining of written messages from praeternatural dream-sources, is the "Lucid Dream Information Technique" (LDIT) : "After deciding on a specific question, the dreamer inverts the silver bowl and consciously focuses on the question. After waiting a few seconds for the answer to materialize, the dreamer then turns over the bowl to find a materialized note with the answer written on it." ("MT -- Other Phenomena")} {A rather similar method (though in the waking world), performed in Mumbai by Mah.mud Bey from Qahira, Mis.r, for obtaining praeternaturally written replies from the jnun to written quaestions had been mentioned in the book (SISI, pp. 37-39). [But in neither case was anything "materialized" (which is not a possibility), but rather instead transported thither by jnun.]}

"MT" = E. W. Kellogg III : "Mapping Territories : a Phenomenology of Lucid Dream Reality". Lucidity Letter 8(1989).2:81-97.

SISI = Paul Brunton : A Search In Secret India. NY : E. P. Dutton & Co, 1935.

pp. 114-5 Vallee's trilogy

p. 114

"Vallee was to write three more books -- a trilogy -- to try to summarize his conclusions about the UFO phenomenon. ... Dimensions (1988), Confrontations (1990) and Revelations (1991) sparkle with ideas and insights ... .

Dimensions is Vallee's ... attempt at a summary of all his previous books, and to catch up with the latest developments ... . In his introduction, Whitley Strieber, author of the bestselling Communion, remarks : 'If we come to a correct understanding of the UFO phenomenon, we may well in the process destroy the whole basis of our present beliefs about reality.' And Vallee comments that hew does ... believe that UFOs ... '... present an

p. 115

exciting challenge to our concept of reality itself'. This view is again exprssed at the end of the book, when he suggests that the reality that surrounds us is

a 'multiverse'

{consisting of multiple planes-of-existence}

rather than a universe".

{consisting only of the material-plane}

"Vallee's next book, Confrontations, is about some research that he and Janine Vallee conducted in South America, which made it clear that UFOs can ... sometimes appear ... deliberately -- as in the case of a Brazilian named Salvador de Santos {'Saviour of Saints'} ... ."

"Revelations, the last of the trilogy, returns to ... the strange affair of the 'Majestic 12' documents, apparently a revelation of the government's duplicity ... . He concludes that

'someone is going to an awful lot of trouble to convince the world that we are threatened by beings from outer space' ... .

{It is implied that ruling-class-promoted governments are intent on producing this irrealistist dread in order to divert their populace's intentions from fervently calling upon the beneficent extraterrestrial divinities to assist in overthrowing those despotic ruling classes for the benefit and welfare of us all.}

Yet ... his penetrating criticisms of some of the wilder conspiracy theories bring us no closer to solving the problem ... ."

pp. 115-6 the author's personal experiences of synchronicities regarding the name /Melki^-s.edeq/ {'My King [is] Righteousness' (or 'My King [is] planet Jupiter')}

p. 115

"in 1976, Vallee was investigating the Melchizedek {Melki^-s.edeq} groups. ... On 21 February 1976, he took a taxi ... and asked the woman driver for a receipt. It was signed 'M. Melchizedek'. He said that it was as if he had put a notice on some universal

p. 116

notice board : 'Wanted : Melchizedeks', and some ... guardian angel had presented him with a taxi driver.

Wondering if the surname Melchizedek was common ..., he looked in the ... telephone directory. There was only one Melchizedek -- his taxi driver.

{There is no such surname in any European language. Evidently she belonged to some occult group dedicated to special veneration of Melki^-s.edeq; as he would have discovered by quaerying her.}

This is an example of what Jung calls synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence. It was a subject that had interested me for many years, because I had noticed how often they seemed to occur in my own life --

particularly when I was feeling highly motivated and optimistic. ...

{When feeling optimistic, there are attracted various deities, who may thereupon work all manner of wondres, including synchronicity.}

In 1986, I was writing an article about synchronicity for an encyclopedia of unsolved mysteries, and I told ... of synchronicities that had happened to me, and went on to cite the Jacques Vallee anecdote. Having written it, ... I noticed ... a volume ... called You Are Sentenced to Life by W. D. Cheney, ... about life after death. ... Now I took it ... to read ... . When I did so, ... the first thing I saw was a heading across the top of the last page : ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK, followed by a letter from Grace Hooper Pettipher to the author of the book. ...

What still puzzles me is how the book got ... so I noticed it; it normally would be tucked away on shelf."

{The usual way in which an object in one's house is mysteriously transferred to a different location, is that a possessing-divinity hath occupied the mortal's body, using the mortal to move the object. In this particular case, the possessing-divinity is likely to have been Melki^-s.edeq.}

pp. 116-7 development of the nature of Jacques Vallee's authorship

p. 116

"He started out, in Anatomy of a Phenomenon and Challenge to Science, ... to record and analyse the data.

Passport to Magonia had added ... the recognition that the UFO phenomenon ... has been on earth for thousands of years.

The Invisible College ... recognises the 'psychic dimension' -- that there is ... a close parallel between UFOs and the kind of thing the Society for Psychical Research was ...

p. 117

in the nineteenth century.

But Messengers of Deception ... seems to break new ground, suggesting that ... reality ... is ...

like a computer, where information is stored associatively, rather than sequentially. ...

{Internet "search-engines" store their compartmentalized information in a manner similar to that of a conventional printed concordance, i.e., in phrases arranged by the headwords, alphabetized.}

But my own odd postscript to it [scil., to Vallee's Melki^-s.edeq sychronicities] makes me feel that this was a genuine example of what Jung calls synchronicity -- which seems to imply ... that

some unknown force manipulates reality.

{This not-altogether-unknown "force" is the Platonic (and, earlier, Pythagorean) Heimarmene (PG, pp. 111-7); and is expounded in more detail as an intercoo:perative collective of deities traditionally regarded as feminine, and known as Moirai, Nornir, or the like.}

Whichever is true, it suggests that

our normal, down-to-earth way of viewing reality -- which is also the way of science --

{materialism : the hoax that only material substances can exist, or are primary, or basic, or fundamental}

is somehow mistaken."

PG = Gerd van Riel : Plato's Gods. Ashgate Publ, Farnham (Surrey), 2013.


Colin Wilson : Alien Dawn : an Investigation into the Contact Experience. Virgin Publ Ltd, London, 1998; Fromm Internat Publ, NY, 1998.