Alien Dawn, 4



Labyrinthine Pilgrimage


pp. 83-5 the sudden-conversion-experience of J. A. Hynek

p. 83

"J. Allen Hynek ... became involved in investigating UFOS in 1948, as ...

p. 84

consultant to the Air Force. His job was to examine reports of flying saucers, ... to determine how many {or rather, that all of them, by means of the Air Force's totally praejudiced technique of deliberate misinterpretation, in its public reports, of all evidence concerning them} could be dismissed ... . ...

One UFO writer, John Keel, even declared that Hynek had been ordered to dismiss the sightings ..., on pain of being fired by the Air Force. ...

{That this was certainly true is indicated by the fact that when he soon afterwards began to admit publicly to the existence of flying saucers, he was promptly dismissed from employment by the Air Force.}

But Hynek suddenly became the man UFO enthusiasts loved ... .

p. 85

Two cases helped convince Hynek that UFOs had to be genuine. ...

p. 86

Hynek had earlier dismissed ... sightings of UFOs ...; these sightings led him to begin stating publicly that he now saw the UFO phenomenon as 'the greatest mystery of our age, perhaps the greatest mystery of all time'. The Air Force was ... upset by this unexpected turnabout of one of its most reliable debunkers; but Hynek was by now too well known to be silenced

by threats.

{threats by the U.S. Air Force, at the concealed command by ploutokrat-families of multibillionaires}

For the rest of his life -- Hynek died in 1986 -- he attempted to persuade governments and scientific bodies to take the study of UFOs seriously; to this end, he founded the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS), whose purpose was to study the evidence scientifically. ...

p. 87

Most official bodies felt then -- as they do now -- that UFOs should be classified with ghosts ..., as something that could be safely ignored because it made no real difference whether they existed or not."

{Among real differences made by flying saucers and by ghosts are : understanding the structure and purpose of the universe, the understanding of the meaning and purpose of life and of death (including of our own life and our death), etc. etc. Perhaps the only persons uncaring about these matters are extremist hypocrites, whose every effort and every moment is entirely devoted to deceiving the general public about all matters of scientific import and of ethical import -- but such is the rabidly fanatical nature of ploutokrat capitalist warmongers and of their craven lackey-stooges, nor can such a hideous monstrosity be eliminated until capitalism be outlawed. [written Sept 3 2014]}

p. 87 flying-saucer cases compiled by Aime' Michel

"In 1958, Vallee came upon a book called Mysterious Things in the Sky (Myste'rieux Objets Ce'lestes) by ... Aime' Michel. ... Michel ... made the baffling comment that many UFOs simply vanished ... . In other cases, they had changed shape instantaneously".

pp. 87-8 flying saucers masquerading as artificial satellites

p. 87

"One night, they tracked an exceptionally bright satellite of which there was simply no record. Moreover, it was travelling the wrong way -- in retrograde motion. It took a far more powerful rocket ... to boost a satellite into retrograde orbit, and no nation possessed one at the time.

Yet ... the ... head of the artificial-satellite service ... confiscated the tape and destroyed it. ...

{It is quite routine for government officials to destroy all evidence of flying saucers, in order to conceal the existence of supernatural divine powers from the general public.}

p. 88

In spite of which, the satellite was tracked by a number of observatories all over the world. Then it vanished."

p. 88 though related to closest approaches (during their orbital motion) of other planets to this planet, yet nevertheless flying saucers are never witnessed travelling in outer space away from nor toward other planets

"Vallee ... was aided by his wife Janine. ... He and Janine made the interesting discovery that there was

an apparent relationship between the frequency of sightings and the distance of the planet Mars, which comes closest to earth every twenty-six months.

{This may apply only to a particular type (shape and/or color) of flying saucers; while other types of flying saucers may regulate their frequency of appearance by the varying distances amongst other (not including Earth) planets.}

This might have led him to wonder whether flying saucers are from Mars; instead, he reflected that that it is odd that, if the visitors are from space, they are not seen long before they reach Earth --

{This seeming contradiction can be easily resolved simply by assuming that although the flying saucers take enough interest in the motions of other planets (which they might observe through telescopes or whatever) to regulate some of their appearances accordingly, yet nevertheless the flying saucers have all their home-bases here on this planet.} {A more technical solution could entail assuming that some flying saucers are based on other planets, and that while traveling through outer space, such flying saucers always assume invisible (cloaked) mode.}

after all, fairly small objects can be seen in space, even with the naked eye when they are hundreds of miles away. Vallee was already beginning to suspect that the flying saucers were not necessarily from other planets, or anywhere else 'out there'."

pp. 88-9 reckless attacks by military of earthling capitalist countries against indestructible spacecraft sent by supernatural intelligences

p. 88

"Vallee discovered a book by Major Donald Keyhoe, ... and noted ...

the attitude of American ... military men

{under orders (delivered through politicians) from their ploutokrat-capitalist masters}

towards UFOs ... :

p. 89

'They behave like a well-organized insect colony whose life is suddenly impacted by an unforeseen event.'

{They behave rather similarly to a hiveful of hornets, who seek to sting any person who is disturbing the hive.}

He observed that their idea of researching UFOs was to chase one and shoot it down."

{a truly foolhardy manoeuvre! (which hath alway failed)}

{The flying saucers are surely aware of which ploutokrat weapons-manufacturer trillionaire families have issued (through their puppet-stooge politicians) such an offensively provocative standing order, and some day the mounting exasperation on the part of the flying saucers will arrive as registring beyond all self-restraint -- that will then be the last day that capitalism shall exist on this planet. [written Sept 4 2014]}

p. 89 one's profession is dictated by the planet rising at one's birth

"Michel Gauquelin, a statistician ... decided ... that person's choice of profession is governed by his rising sign -- the planet that is just rising at the moment of his birth. (Doctors are .., born under Mars, actors under Jupiter, scientists under Saturn, etc.) ... Gauquelin's first sample -- people born under Mars -- showed that the Mars effect was real. The tests were repeated in four different countries, and showed the same result."

{When souls of the dead are to redincarnated, the deities (in the sector of the universe that the soul is to be redincarnated into) who praeside over selecting stellar systems and dates for the arranging of the redincarnating of souls, having already checked on the natural praedilection of each soul, find a stellar system with appropriate lay-out of orbits of uninhabitable planets in a system containing an inhabitable planet, and cause the soul to being inserted into an embryo of appropriate family in appropriate oikonomic and political situation, and insert that soul at the auspicious moment marked by the appropriate planet's rising above the horizon at that geographical site of being begotten and of being conceived.}

p. 89 justifiable dread of vicious deceptions fostered by the ploutokrat-capitalist class

"Jacques and Janine met the Gauquelins, ... {only} to realise that they had both been working on a kind of 'Mars effect', and that both couples had been obliged to keep their work secret

for fear of the scientific establishment."

{Because the so-called "scientific establishment" is simply a category of capitalist-stooge (inasmuch as the boards-of-directors of universities etc. take their secret-covert orders directly from ploutokrat-families, and transmit those orders to the chairmen of the university-departments etc.), therefore this "fear" is actually of the ploutokrat-capitalist class-enemy.}

{In all scientific endeavours, the capitalist-stooge class-enemy is constantly interfering, systematically falsifying all results; except only for circumstances wherein the scientists themselves take the initiative by falsifying their results in order to deceive the capitalist-stooge class-enemy.}

pp. 89-90 the miracle at Fa`tima {named for Fat.imah, a renowned Muslim queen, and the dynasty started by her, renowned for fervently opposing Christianity} was caused by a flying saucer {flying saucers being flown by Muslim saints, according to antique traditional litterature transmitted down through the millennia, very welcoming to the glorious jihad}

p. 89

"a musician named Paul Misraki ... published a book called The Extraterrestrials, in which he suggested that some religious miracles, like that at Fa`tima, might have the same cause as modern flying saucer sightings. The Fa`tima sighting had occurred in ... 1917 ... . ...

p. 90

The children were shown a vision of hell, and told that

a second world war would occur if people did not mend their ways. (It would begin, the vision said, during the reign of Pope Pius XI, who died in 1939.)

{The 2nd Great War (World War II) commenced in 1939. That such war had been plotted out as part-and-parcel of the ploutokrats' conspiracy to deceive the working-class was well-known to supernatural deities, is evident, for those deities were themselves publicly delivering the warning to the international working-class.}

By September, there were 30,000 people, and they saw a globe of light moving down the valley ..., and the air seemed to be full of glistening bubbles as the globe rose and disappeared into the sun.

On the last occasion, in October, there were 70,000 people. ... the clouds parted to reveal

a revolving disk of a silvery colour, which

{cf. how "Gradually the ship’s hull began ... spinning" (Angelucci 1959, p. 197).}

radiated, in succession, all the colours of the spectrum.

{To radiate in succession all the colours of the spectrum is to be prismatic (as, e.g., the facets of a diamond -- "like a diamond in the sky", it is to be wished upon).} {cf. also :- "Fantastically beautiful buildings constructed of a kind of crystal-plastic substance that quivered with continuously changing color hues." (Angelucci 1955, p. 97)}

Then it plunged towards the Earth ...; but

the disk suddenly reversed, and flew upward into the sun."

{"Dip into the sun indeed!" (Angelucci 1959, p. 191)}

Angelucci 1959 = Orfeo Angelucci : Son of the Sun. Devorss & Co., Los Angeles, 1959.

Angelucci 1955 = Orfeo M. Angelucci (ed. by Ray Palmer) : The Secret of the Saucers. Amherst Pr, 1955.

p. 90 flying saucers originated (and continue to guide) mankind's civilization

"By December 1963, Vallee was suggesting ... that 'an extra-terrestrial intervention might have been a factor in man's early history,

specifically in the early development of civilisation ... .

{Specifically, it was the designated task of early civilization to encourage development of technology, so that humans would have not only labor-saving devices, but also means for storing and retrieving information about structures and functions both in the material universe and in subtle immaterial planes-of-existence.}

The return of such phenomena today could be explained by the need ... .'

{As of now, the immediately urgent need is to eliminate capitalism before ploutokratic capitalism can destroy civilization by means of atomic bombs.}

He thought that

some benign group of cosmic beings, trying to guide us towards galactic status, would behave exactly as the saucer operators do."

{Galactic status would be modulated by subtle-plane deities congregated in the quasar occupying the galaxy's centre. Superior to this would be a status modulated by subtle-plane deities congregated in the Great Attractor.}

p. 91 traditions of star-ships and of extraterrestrials in Africa

"In his dictated book The Song of the Stars, the South African shaman ... Mutwa {Vusamazulu} writes :

There are things that fly through the night, that you call UFOs, which we in {South} Africa call Abahambi Abavutayo, 'the fiery visitors' ... . ... I can only speak with certain constraints because

we are not allowed to talk in any detail about these sacred matters.

{The details omitted would include names of persons, places, and dates of communications with pilots and with crews of the flying-saucers.}

Our people feel that should we do that, then the star ships would stop visiting us.

He goes on to speak about the Mutende-ya-ngenge, 'the grey or white ... creature with a largish head whose face is chalk-white, with large green eyes that go around the creature's head so that it can look at you over its shoulder ... .' He adds that the Mutende sometimes captures human beings ... and makes them forget what has happened. 'It is only when a witch doctor puts this person into what we call the godsleep {i.e., hypnosis} ... that this fact comes out.'"

pp. 92-3 historical records of mediaeval and antient sightings of flying saucers

p. 92

"The Chronicle of William of Newburgh, a thirteenth-century monk, tells how, in 1290, in Byland Abbey in Yorkshire, ... a 'flat, round, shining silvery object' flew over the abbey and 'caused the utmost terror'.

And Flying Saucers on the Attack (1954) by Harold Wilkins (which ... is a serious and comprehensive study of UFOs) lists no fewer than 150 reports of strange lights and objects in the sky, from 200 B.C. to 1912. ... The very first report from ... A papyrus now in the Vatican describes

p. 93

how, in the reign of Thutmose and his queen Hatshepsut, a 'circle of fire' came from the sky, and its breath had a foul odor.

{That king was the severest warmonger (conqueror of foreign countries -- namely, districts in Syria -- by military force) in the latest few centuries leading up that that time; so that it can be taken as a virtual certainty that said "foul odor" was a manifested sign of divine disapproval against militarism.}

A few days later, in the evening, the sky was filled with circles of light,

circles of light,

{divinely manifested, evidently as an antient emblem of pacifism}

which the ascended and vanished toward the south."

{divine manifestation of a flight-pattern evidently antiently emblematic of pacifism : in particular, a warning not to invade NWB (the land abounding in gold) to the south}

p. 93 modern books theorizing about antient visions of flying saucers

"Vallee's musician friend Misraki had suggested in his book The Extraterrestrials that the vision of the biblical prophet Ezeqiel {Yh.ezqe>l} ... of 'a great whirlwind', with 'a fire infolding itself', might well be a vision of some kind of UFO."

"In 1967, a newspaper serialization of von Da:niken's Chariots of the Gods? was entitled 'Did God Drive a Flying Saucer?'

And a space engineer named Josef Blumrich, after ... another look at the prophet Ezekiel {Yh.ezqe>l}, and decided that his visions ... studied ... a spaceship; he carefully reconstructed it, with diagrams, in The Spaceships of Ezekiel (1973)."

pp. 94-5 "flaps" (multi-witness sightings) of flying-saucers in 1952 and in 1954

p. 94

"Italy had also experienced a 'UFO flap' in 1954, a year when countries as far apart as France, Brazil and Australia had experienced 'UFO invasions'."

p. 95

There was a "'Washington flap' of July 1952, when two lots of UFOs were picked up on radar over the capital, and seen by airline pilots. Two men were sent outside {of the ae:roport control-tower} with a camera ... to photograph the objects appearing on the radar screen (no fewer than eight on the first occasion). Their photographs were developed on the spot, and ... showed ... luminous objects. They were immediately confiscated {by the U.S. covert "special forces" officers?}, and everybody in the room was sworn to secrecy {by U.S. covert "intelligence" officers?}."


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