Alien Dawn, 2





pp. 24-5 Cheesefoot Head

p. 24

"in Hampshire, in a natural amphitheatre called Cheesefoot Head, where Eisenhower had addressed the troopsbefore the 1944 D-day landing ..., ... August 1981, there appeared three circles in the wheat ... neatly in line : one large circle ... and two smaller ones ..., placed

p. 25

neatly and symmetrically on either side. ...

Then, in 1983, once more in the punchbowl field at Cheesefoot Head, no fewer than five circles appeared on the same night : a large central circle, and four circles spread neatly and symmetrically around it. ... And ... the invisible ... went on to make 'fivesomes' all over the south of England -- one below the White Horse, another below the Ridgeway, near Wantage, in Oxfordshire, and another at Cley Hill, near Warminster, a town ... noted for its sightings of UFOs."

p. 26 flying saucers are observed producing crop-circles

"September 1974, Edwin Fuhr, a farmer of Langenburg, Saskatchewan, ... noted a round, shiny disk, about eleven feet across, whirling above the crop ... . Then he noticed four more, all doing the same thing. He ... watched them for fifteen minutes, until they took off, going straight up in a grey vapour. And his rapeseed had five crop circles, [each] eleven feet in diameter."

p. 26 aware of erroneous speculations in vogue among mortals concerning crop-circles, the flying-saucer pilots (after having learned of such speculations) intentionally refute them

"When someone pointed out that all the circles had been flattened anticlockwise, a clockwise circle promptly appeared.

When someone suggested that the circles could be made with the aid of a helicopter, a circle appeared under a power line."

p. 26 Mowing Devil

"pamphlet of August 1678 called Mowing Devil, concerning a field in Hertfordshire in which a circle was found in the corn".

{"Michael Hesemann in The Cosmic Connection : Worldwide Crop Formations and ET Contacts ... mentions in his foreword The legend of the Mowing Devil (Aug. 11, 1678 ... AC)" (FM 82).}

FM = FORTEAN MYSTERIES {"Hesemann reports on sightings not only in England, and Germany, but also Afghanistan, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, the Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands,  New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the Ukraine, the United States. ... Colin Andrews, who co-authored with Pat Delgado CircularEvidence in 1989, ... concluded ... that ... some ... are ... communicating with us about pending ecocatastrophe. Diahann Krishna believes they are caused by merkaba ("light body"), psychically-created interdimensional craft used by hyperdimensionals. Dowser Richard Andrews thinks it is more a two-step process involving an intelligence above directing a subterranean force."}

p. 27 spiral-shaped crop-circles

"In a book called The Goddess of the Stones, Meaden speculates that

the spiral often found carved on old stones {of Megalithic aira} were inspired by crop circles." {But why were circles not carven on in the monuments instead of spirals, if crop-circles were actually intended?}

{It is, by far, more likely that the Megalithic spirals repraesent either dream-whirlwinds witnessed, and communicated with, in dreams (as, by modern North Amerindian shamans of the Great Plains); and/or whirlpools witnessed, and entred, in dreams (as, by modern Siberian shamans) in order to enter submarine Netherworlds in order to accomplish healing of ailments in patients on earth in the waking-world.}

"Bob Rickard's interviews with witnesses -- people ... present when the circles were made -- may or may not be taken as confirming Meaden whirlwind theory : these are ... their comments :

[quoted :] Suddenly the grass began to sway before our eyes and laid itself flat in a clockwise spiral ... A perfect circle was completed in less than half a minute, all the time accompanied by a high-pitched humming sound".

{The "high-pitched humming sound" must have been emitted from a flying-saucer; and likewise only a flying-saucer (whether visible or not) could lay down grass in a spiral (something no "whirlwind" hath ever done, nor could ever do) while being witnessed.}

pp. 28-9 trilling sound with time-loss while crop-circle formed; flashing colored lights and jumping black rods

p. 28

"1989, six investigators ... were in a crop circle

at Cheesefoot Head when a trilling noise began.

{'Cheese' is /GBiNah/ (Strong's 1385).}

It seemed to circle around ... . A female member of the group said : 'If you understand us, stop', and the trilling noise stopped ..., then resumed. ...

p. 29

The six also noted that when the trilling stopped[,] their watches showed them -- to their astonishment -- that it had gone on ... far longer than any of them remembered.

At exactly the same time {date} the following year, 1990, a group ... set up a vigil at Wansdyke, near Silbury Hill. On the first night, ... saw lights ..., while ... again recorded the trilling sound. The following evening, the sound began again, and the lights moved ... : 'They would flash on and off very quickly, ... and were an orange, red or greenish hue.' Then, as they watched, hundreds of black rods began to jump up and down above the wheat. ... 'To the human ear

this most musical sound has the most beautiful bell-like quality, ... as it is so high-pitched. ...

{The bell-tower's "bells" were rung by Quasimodo (HND 7:3), who was "the hunchback of Notre-Dame" (HND 1:5). 'Hunchback' is /GiBBeN/ (Strong's 1384) -- cf. /GBiNah/.}

This ... on ... a [recorder-]tape ... coming out covered by a harsh crackling, static-like noise which is presumably caused by the discharge of high energy.'"

{The intense static electricity is praesumably emitted by the black [vertical, laser-like] rods, while the grain-stalks themselves are being affected by inaudibly hypersonic phonic pulses in a sonic aequivalent to the photic emission by lasers.}

Strong's = Hebrew & Aramaic Dictionary of Bible Words.

HND 7:3 = Victor Hugo : Hunchback of Notre Dame 7:3 "Bells".

HND 1:5 = Victor Hugo : Hunchback of Notre Dame 1:5 "Quasimodo".

{On account of the borrowing into Italian from <ibri^ of the term for 'hunchback', therefore GiBBoNs are so-named because they "will often sit for a long time hunched up with ... bent back" (GCh, p. 1).} {Similar to the bell-like trilling accompanying crop-circle making by flying saucers is the gibbons' "morning calls : a loud, musical whooping that ... they continue for half and hour or so, ... on the notes of the pentatonic scale, the sound gaining in volume as the pitch rises. ... he {or she} tries to draw out the highest notes as long as he {or she} can. Then he {or she} descends the scale again, the call changes into a low moan, and ends in a soft mutter. This he {or she} repeats dozens of times on end." (GCh, p. 9) "Most captive gibbons can be made to start whooping at any time of the day, if one knows how to bring them in[to] the required sentimental mood. With [a certain female gibbon] this could be achieved by an excessive show of affection, caressing her and whispering endearing words to her. ... In the wild a female gibbon will call in order to attract the attention of the male of her choice" (GCh, p. 11).} {"The gibbon was considered an "expert" in inhaling the qi, thereby acquiring occult powers, including the ability to assume human shape, and to prolong their life to several hundred years" (Van Gulik, p. 38)." ("GPChJ&K", p. 1)} {"A gibbon’s voice can be heard from up to a mile away"; and according to Thai myth their females were originally enclosed in individual urns ("SATh") until "great misfortune" befell (due to a male's remembring having broken a promise). This may be related to the Sikkimese myth of the tower of urns, which collapsed : similar to the collapse of the Tower of Babel, whose builders were "transformed into apes" (LB, p. 85). During building of the Tower of Babel, the women's work was (LB, p. 84) "moulding bricks", indicating a connection, through /JaBL/ 'to mould' (DMWA, p. 133a), with GuBLa (modern Jubayl), where (according to Ploutarkhos) the mummy of Osiris was enclosed -- referring to antient Phoinikian interrments of corpses in urns, matched by the interrments in urns filling the so-called "Plain of Jars" in Laos.}

GCh = Robert Hans van Gulik : The Gibbon in China: an Essay in Chinese Animal Lore. Leiden : E. J. Brill, 1967. &

"GPChJ&K" = Thomas Geissmann : "Gibbon paintings in China, Japan, and Korea". GIBBON JOURNAL Nr. 4 (2008).

"SATh" = "Singing Ape of Thailand". Marian Toth : Tales from Thailand : Folklore, Culture, and History. Charles E. Tuttle Co., Tokyo, 1971. pp. 97-105.

LB = Louis Ginzberg : Legends of the Bible. Konecky & Konecky, Old Saybrook (CT).

p. 30 woefully inadequate "crop-circles" made, in imitiation of real ones, by human hoaxers

"1991, ... Doug Bower and Dave Chorley, who lived in Southampton, ... Doug and Dave -- whose names became a synonym for hoaxing -- ... responded with an admirable pattern ... .

But they did it by ... snapping stalks; ... genuine crop formations show bent stalks -- as ... Linda Howe says".

{"Sometimes they have several layers with the stalks bent in different directions. In the UK bent stalks have been noticed that look like woven in a pattern. The bending itself is done at the nodes. This is very peculiar as the nodes give plants their strength. They normally bend between the nodes." ("AACC")}

"AACC" = "All about Crop Circles".

p. 31 authentic ones are made neither by hoaxers nor by whirlwinds

"1991 ... called 'Blue Hill', and funded by Japanese universities, ... the BBC installed radar equipment ... . ... circles were found ... in the radar-booby-trapped area, demonstrating ... that they had not been made by either hoaxers or whirlwinds."

p. 31 crop's seeds had been microwaved when the crop-circles were made

"an American biophysicist, W. C. Levengood, examined samples from ... circles ... believed to be 'genuine'. He discovered that the 'genuine' samples showed changes in the cell-pits ..., enlargements that he was able to reproduce only in a microwave oven."

p. 31 growth-acceleration in crop-circles

"In Austinburg, Ohio, ... the stalks had been flattened but not broken, and were all lying in the same direction. ... The 'tassels' ... on the damaged corn {maize} were open, indicating that their growth had been somehow accelerated. Linda Howe published photographs of the ... maize ... in her Glimpses of Other Realities, where the difference can be clearly seen."

pp. 31-2 a review of 3 books on crop-circles

p. 31

"a long review of three books on crop circles in the New York Review on 21 November 1991 ... was by Baron Zuckerman ... .

p. 32

... And, by 1991, he was eighty-seven years old. ... . ... Zuckerman had retired to ... near Sandringham in Norfolk, ... one of the royal residences. ... crop circles appeared on the Queen's estate at Sandringham, and ... the response of Prince Philip was to send for their old friend Baron Zuckerman to ask his opinion. Zuckerman certainly went ... personally examining a number of crop circles. One result was the New York Review article, written ... after his ... visit to Sandringham. 'Creations in the Dark' [the title of Zuckerman's NYReview-article] ... on ... crop circles, mentions that almost a thousand appeared in England between 1980 and 1990. He goes on to speak sympathetically {admiringly} and at length about Pat Delgado and Colin Andrews, authors Circular Evidence, one of the books he is reviewing. They believe that the circles are 'caused by some supernatural intelligence', he explains ... . ...

Why, he wants to know, have scientists not taken a more active interest in the phenomenon?

{Why is very evident : if any scientist were to propose the only viable explanation, namely "supernatural intelligence", that scientist would be promptly dismissed from employment by an governmental agency or any private company.}

{Capitalist governments, alike unto capitalist corporations, thrive by keeping the general public (working-class) in ignorance concerning cosmic realities -- lest that general public desert capitalist governments and capitalist corporations alike, in favor of the universewide government and universewide co-operation which is being openly proffered by flying-saucer civilization to all intelligent beings everywhere.}

pp. 33-5 teaching of theorems in plane geometry by flying-saucer denizens by way of crop-circles made by them

p. 33

"Gerald S. Hawkins was a British radio astronomer who had been Professor of Astronomy at Boston University, and had achieved international celebrity through his book Stonehenge Decoded in 1965. In 1960, he had ... to investigate ... that Stonehenge may be a complex calendar ... to calculate moonrise and sunrise over the 18.6-year moon cycle. ... Subsequently he went on to apply the same techniques to the pyramids of Egypt.

Hawkins started ... research in 1989 ... on the crop-circle controversy. He was intrigued by ... the circles ... . After all, they were mostly in the same county as Stonehenge. ...

p. 34

Hawkins began by looking closely at a 'triplet' of circles which had appeared at Corhampton, near Cheesefoot Head ... June 1988. ...

p. 35

He realized ... that the diameter of the large circle, compared to that of the smaller ones, was exactly 16 to 3. So now he had a new theorem. ... Eventually, he obtained his proof ... . ...

Another crop-circle pattern, in a wheatfield near Guildford, Surrey, ... showed the bigger circle is ... twice ... the smaller one.

When another circle replaced the square with a hexagon, ... the bigger circle is now twice as large ... as the smaller one."

pp. 36-7 diatonic-scale ratios in crop-circles; publication is thwarted

p. 36

"Hawkins found that the harp sounded better if he tuned it according to the white notes [of the pianoforte] -- which are also known as the diatonic scale".

"The 16:3 of the Cheesefoot Head formation was the note F.

Three well-known circle formations yielded

5:4, the note E,

3:2, the note G, and

5:3, the note A."

p. 37

"Following the advice of Lord Zuckerman, Gerald Hawkins sent off an account of his findings to Nature, the prestigious magazine for publishing new and yet-to-be-explained discoveries.

In 1963, Nature had published his work on Stonehenge, but now in July 1991 the editor balked".

{Nature is quite willing to publish trivia about a megalithic structure constructed by mere mortals, but is co-operative with the ploutokratic government in concealing (from the general public) the really significant constructions by universe-governing immortals who can benefit all beings.}

"geometry hidden in the circles, does this not suggest that nonhuman intelligences are trying to communicate with us?"

pp. 38-40 the 4 theorems in plane geometry disclosed by the crop-circles are special cases of a 5th theorem

p. 38

"Moreover, Hawkins's work on the four theorems made him aware that they were all special cases of a fifth theorem. ...

p. 39

The existence of this fifth theorem was revealed in Science News for 1 February 1992, in an article entitled 'Euclid's Crop Circles', by Ivars Peterson."

p. 40

"In September 1995, another magazine, the Mathematics Teacher, ran an article on Hawkins called 'Geometry in English Wheat Fields'."

"At Litchfield, Hampshire, ... July 1995, a 250-foot circle appeared with eight concentric circles, as well as a surround of half-circles ... . Hawkins realised that the circle makers ... were pointing out that there was a whole geometry of concentric circles. ... Hawkins ... told ... that the circle makers had now demonstrated knowledge of his fifth theorem."

pp. 40-2 rune-script message

p. 40

"1991, an American ... cut out ... a message, TALK TO US, in a field near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. ... A week later, a circle spotter in an aeroplane saw a curious set of markings at Milk Hill ... . ...

p. 41

Meanwhile, one of the cryptologists had recognized that the symbols were runes ... . ... Julia Hawkins, an anthropologist, had Sylvester Mawson's Dictionary

of Foreign Terms ... . Hawkins ... found a word ... that fitted.

It was the Latin 'OPPONO' ... . ... [For the 2nd word,] Another long search suggested 'astos' ... .

{Here, the word /astos/ is an allusion [cf. "Beware Greeks bearing gifts"] to the legendary "Trojan Horse" ("TF&M") : thus likely implying that deliberate deception (by the C.I.A. etc.) can be as damaging to the general public as a "Trojan Horse" is to ("HDHG") a computer.}

p. 42

So the script could be translated as

'I am against frauds' or 'I am against hoaxes' --

{cf. the crop-circle coded message "We OPpose DECEPTION" ("2002AFF").}

a sentiment that might well be felt by a genuine circle maker {namely, by a flying saucer intelligence}. ...

Hawkins's solution was published in the magazine The Cereologist (no. 3)."

"TF&M" = "Translation of Face & Message".

"HDHG" = "Holy Disk, Holy Grail". copied at

"2002AFF" = "2002 'Alien Face' Formation". (This is accompanied by a caricatured face, illustrative of the sort of "deception" referred to [as guilefully resorted to by capitalist-stooges].)

p. 43 changing crop-circle design

"But a change ... had been apparent since a design that had appeared at Alton Barnes in July 1990, with more than half a dozen circles joined by lines, and with objects like keys ... sticking out ... . The same night, its twin appeared near the Allington White Horse. (Crop figures had always shown a tendency to appear near ancient sites.)"

p. 44 Fortfest

"at the Fortfest in Washington in 1995, I ... met the conference organizer[ess], Phyllis Benjamin. ... She asked me, 'Do you know Gerald Hawkins?' In fact, we had met ... years before. ... I mentioned that I had recently reread his Stonehenge Decoded".

pp. 44-5 conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and its aftermath

p. 44

"Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind by C. D. B. (Courty) Bryan ... was an account of a five-day conference on UFO abductions held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in June 1992. ... Bryan, an American journalist, went to the conference ... . ... One of the people he met at the conference was Linda Moulton Howe, author[ess] of An Alien Harvest, one of the first to conduct extensive investigations of cattle mutilations, and their ... connection with UFOs. It was Linda Howe who told him about crop circles ... . She mentioned the conclusions of Dr Levengood ... . She then went on to discuss ... Gerald Hawkins at some length. ... Soon ... I was speaking to him on the phone. ... .

p. 45

... I ... also laid my hands on ... his ... Mind Steps to the Cosmos (1983)."

pp. 46-7 anthropic principle

p. 46

"In their book The Anthropic Cosmological Principle (1986), John D. Barrow and Frank J. Tipler -- an astronomer and a physicist -- point out ... such matters as 'extraordinary coincidences' in physics, and the 'Large Numbers Hypothesis' of the cosmologist Paul Dirac.

Barrow and Tipler ask : ...

p. 47

is it not inconceivable that the same laws that life will never die out? ...

Of course, it is also possible that ... some principle ... dictates that life must die out -- ... Think of ... a volcano. It creates only chaos. ...

{It is now, however, widely accepted that life on this planet first evolved at submarine volcanic vents (whereat, when -- because the seas were covered with ice -- no light was as-of-yet available for photosynthesis, vocanic heat was employed in a similar function).}

So what Barrow and Tipler call 'the Final Anthropic Principle' could be correct after all." {Oddly enough, "according to Tipler everyone is supposed to be resurrected as a virtual reality emulation" ("RFF").}

{This "Anthropic Cosmological Principle" may be contrasted ("RLS") with the "Evolutionary Convergence Principle" advanced in Life's Solution (Cambridge Univ Pr, 2003) by Simon Conway Morris.}

"RFF" = John J. Reilly : "Review of Far Futures, edited by Gregory Benford". 1997.

"RLS" = John J. Reilly : "Review of Life's Solution". 2004.


Colin Wilson : Alien Dawn : an Investigation into the Contact Experience. Virgin Publ Ltd, London, 1998; Fromm Internat Publ, NY, 1998.