Alien Dawn, 1B

pp. 13-18 Uri Geller & Andrija Puharich

p. 13

"The Occult had been well received, and I suddenly found myself invited to take part in projects involving the paranormal -- such as presenting a series on BBC television, and serving on the editorial board of a series of books called The Unexplained. It was in this latter capacity that I came to meet Uri Geller, who had achieved overnight fame for bending spoons by gently rubbing them. Prepared to believe ... Geller ...,

I was quickly convinced of his genuineness when he read my mind ... . ...

{I was likewise promptly convinced when a male inmate (of a "group-home" for released insane-asylum inmates) read my mind. (Sundry of such inmates are in possession of miraculous powers, through [as they admit] divine assistance.)}

At that point, I asked him a question ... [concerning] Uri : A Journal of the Mystery of Uri Geller, by Andrija Puharich. ...

p. 14

I wanted to know whether everything described in the book had really happened. ... In fact, he told me ..., 'Everything happened as Andrija describes it. ... . ... whatever lies behind my powers seems to be intelligent. Sometimes it plays jokes. In my book [Geller 1975] I say that maybe it is a Cosmic Clown.'"

"Chapter Three of Puharich's book ... describes how one day ..., Geller said that he was in a dark cave in Cyprus, where he used to sit and absorb learning. ... Geller went on to describe how, in 1949, just after his third birthday, he was in a garden in Tel Aviv whe he saw a huge, bowl-shaped light in the sky. Then a radiant figure appeared in front of him, its hands above its head, holding something that shone like the sun. And it was at this point that ... Geller stopped speaking, and a strange, metallic voice began to issue from the air. It stated that 'it was us {we} who found Uri in the garden when he was three'. ...

'They', it would emerge later, were a group of superhuman beings called the 'Nine' {Ennead}. Puharich had first come across them when he was studying a Hindu psychic called Dr Vinod, who had suddenly begun to

p. 15

speak in a voice quite unlike his own, with a perfect English accent. This being ... explained that it was a member of 'the Nine Principles and Forces', whose purpose is to aid human evolution. For years later, in 1956, Puharich had met an American couple, Dr Charles Laughead and his wife, who also passed on a lengthy message from 'the Nine Principles and Forces', which referred back to the earlier messages through Dr Vinod. ... When Puharich played back the tape recording describing what had happened ..., Geller muttered,

'I don't remember any of this.'

{indicative of profound spirit-possession}

When the metallic voice began, Geller suddenly ejected the tape and ran from the room. Puharich ... saw the tape vanish from Geller's hand as he seized it. ... Later in the day, while Geller was under hypnosis, the metallic voice

p. 16

spoke again {by "direct voice"?}, explaining that 'they' were in a spacecraft called Spectra,

'fifty-three thousand sixty-nine

{Is it pertinent that of the two pairs of numerals, "3" and "5" are graphically somewhat alike, and "6" and "9" are graphically each other upside-down?}

light-years away'. ...

That evening ..., a 'round white luminous spacecraft with fins' appeared in the sky ... . Two days later, ... [without their being boiled by humans, and cold in moment before,] eggs ... were hot, and proved to be hard-boiled. ...

Understandably, ... intelligent space beings ... said that they had been watching Earth for eight hundred years from a spacecraft as big as a city. All suspicion vanished as ... The tape recorder would turn on of its own accord, then turn off, leaving messages in a metallic voice. ...

The time on his watch would change abruptly.

{a marvel related to Uri Geller's famous ability to perform miraculous repair of inoperable watches without touching them?}

On one occasion, as the watch lay on the table, ...

as it materialized on

{was surreptitiously teleported (by divinities) onto}

his wrist. ... One day, when the tape recorder began to record, the wall plug was snatched {by invisible divine hands} out of its socket; Puharich tried to replace it several times, but it was snatched out each time. ...

p. 17

Everyone will also agree that, under those circumstances, ... the 'supernatural' (or extraterrestrial) forces were genuine ... .

With the laws of nature being contradicted

{Only the laws of the nature of the inert material world were being thus contradicted; but the laws of the nature of the divine subtle world were being manifested and vindicated : to the confoundment of materialists, but to the delight of praeternaturalists.}

on a daily basis, as the 'voice' proved its power of making things happen before their eyes,

the most hardened sceptic

{dogmatic doubter, not "Skeptic", who is proprely a member of an antient philosophy which dare not doubt divine reality, but is instead in doubt of the specious reality of the material universe}

would believe. Often its was for their eyes only. Driving in the desert, Geller, Puharich and other witness saw a giant spacecraft;

yet the three military personnel in the front seat were unable to see it. The space intelligences obviously {evidently} had strange powers of mind control. {"mind-control" = control of the manas-maya-kos`a} ...

{The mighty deities, with their powers of maya ('illusion'), befuddled the eyesight of ungodly militarists who are working for a vicious materialist-capitalist re'gime, which is doomed to perish as soon as appropriate legal notices shall have been appositely delivered in full from the Otherworld.}

The voice explained that 'they' would soon be involved on a mass landing on planet earth which would finally convince the human race of the reality of supernatural forces. ...

{As of the current situation, however, the flying saucers are reluctant to arrive in massive numbers, because to do so would currently result in Earthling materialist-capitalist governments' sending millions of conscripted soldiers to attmpt to combat them; and if so, those millions of conscripts could well incurr (on account of such impious behaviour) fearsome postmortem sentences of damnation upon their souls. In mercy to prospective Earthling-conscripts, the pitying immortal divinities as of now are temporarily abstaining from open and outright massed-displays.}

p. 18

And when Puharich ... expressed his disgust with the space intelligences, ...

a grandfather clock was hurled across the hall and smashed into pieces. ...

{The meaning of this symbolic act by divinities is fairly clear : it would have be intended to indicate that for so long as the working class remaineth as submissive to the greed-maddened materialist-capitalist class of ploutokrats as was the case in the epoch of the grandparents of persons now alive, divine intervention would be useless -- that the times and mores must change greatly first, so that the totality of the working class is expressing its disgust with military "intelligence" and with their palpably materialistic but as-of-yet-to-be recognized class-enemy.}

Finally, Puharich was instructed {by Otherworldly divine voices} to ... write a book about it all. The result, of course, was Uri : A Journal of the Mystery of Uri Geller (1974). ...

It brought Geller and Puharich celebrity ... of a kind ... . ...

{More than mere celebrity to its mortal authors, it is able to bring contact about with the divine government of the Universe, and salvation of the soul after death, to whomever is willing to read it with faith and reverence.}

My own acquaintance with Uri ... to bring ... enlightenment on the subject of UFOs ... I was to get to know him ... , and wrote a book called The Geller Phenomenon."

Geller 1975 = Uri Geller : My Story.

{A possible explanation for the purpose of these strange workings of the divinities who were performing them incognito (invisibly), may be that the workings were intended to convey symbolic code-meanings to other deities (who in turn may have either been watching also incognito, or more likely were not then praesent but would find out later by extracting the information from Geller's memory, either while he would be awake, or in a trance, or while dreaming). [written June 8th 2014]}

pp. 18-19 a mutually telepathic tetrad of persons

p. 18

"Puharich himself describes how, in Tel Aviv, he went ... with Uri's mother and Uri's inseparable friend Shipi {Strong's 8230 /S^ip<i^/ : /saf</ 'flap the wings, flutter; to slap' (DMWA, p. 482)} Strang {for /strangle/? : if so, to indicate the neck-encircling "choke" (LI, p. 361a) of Morann}, and how he suddenly discovered that he could pick up telepathic signals from Uri. 'We tried numbers ... colours, and words of English, Hebrew and Greek. I was truly prodigious in my telepathic abilities.'

Uri believed that Shipi increased his own powers, which

p. 19

may be so. But ... Puharich himself

had strong paranormal powers ...

{as perhaps do all hypnotists}

and ... when he came together with Uri, the combination of the two caused the sudden outbreak of strange events."

"In the following year, 1976, I met Puharich ... and his friend Joyce Petschek."

DMWA = Cowan : A Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic. 4th edn. {When I opened this dictionary to seek this word, I opened it to the right page! (The name was also the surname of a H.asid Qabbalist whom I knew in the Th.Soc. in Ch., IL, 1960s-1970s : he at that time confirmed that he was of the tribe of S^im<o^n, after I had cited his family-name from 1st Dbre^ ha-Yami^m 4:37.)} {Possible significance of 'to slap' : in some indigenous ripuarian communities, visitors (arriving by canoe) are greeted by women's slapping the river (to notifying underwater-dwelling divinities?); and in Papuan myth a hero ventured into an underwater mansion, where he was seized by a figurine constituting the capital of a column; much as in a Phoinikian legend (Ploutarkhos : De Isi. et Osir. 15.357b -- DCM, pp. 305a, 499a, s.v. "Nemanus"), a mummy was enclosed in the capital of a column in the royal palace at Bublos (Gubla) until the fatal scream. These column-capitals seem to be symbolic designations for /capitalism/; and the Phoinikian legend's immortalization via fire, the Ba<l of 1st Dbre^ ha-Yami^m 4:33, with resemblance to the proposed immortalization by fire of infant Demo-phon (DCM, q.v.), may indicate a feasible social remedy (viz., by employing fire-salamandres to cure a situation seemingly in the realm of the water-undines -- or, stated in terms of cakra-s, Man.i-pura [*/Marni-pula/] instead of Svadhi-sthana -- perhaps because fire dreadeth water, according to Morann [cognate with /marni/], in LI, p. 361a). [written Sat Aug 1 2015]}

DCM = Grimal : The Dictionary of Classical Mythology.

LI = Da`ithi O` hO`ga`in : The Lore of Ireland. Boydell Pr, Woodbridge (Suff.), 2006.

p. 19 (episodes omitted from Puharich's book Uri) Uri Geller's doppelga:nger : manifestation of his aitheric double

"A couple were making love in a bedroom two hundred miles from Puharich's home ... . There was a knock on the door, and the man opened it to be confronted with Uri Geller, holding out a large chunk of stone. The man took it, and was bewildered when Uri left without a word. In fact,

the stone was some rare archaeological specimen from Puharich's collection. But Geller himself was actually in the house in Ossining

{The city-name /OSSINIng/ is evidently related to the name /OSINIus/ of, according to Aeneid 10.166 sq (DCM, pp. 333b. 501b), prince of Etruscan Clusium, whose city-name is from Latin /claudere/, whence the imperator-name /Claudius/ ('closure'), replicated in him by whom Heaven is closed (Euangelion of Matthaios 18:18 "shall be bound in heaven" : expounded in Apokalupsis of Ioannes 15:8"no man was able to enter into the temple" [in Heaven, 15:5]), namely Petros ('stone'). [written Aug 1 2015]}

at the moment when his doppelga:nger knocked on the door two hundred miles away and handed over the stone.

Moreover, on one occasion in ... 1973, Geller had actually been 'teleported' from a New York {City} street to the house in Ossining."

{After imperator Nero was murthered (by the Senate; cf. the earlier murther therein of Julius Caesar), the heirs of the Julio-Claudian dynasty sought restoration of it by means of circulation of a litterary text (namely, the so-called Eu-angelion ['good news'], authored for this purpose) containing Julio-Claudian imperators' names craftily disguised (on account of the main city named for a Julio-Claudian imperator's being Tiberias in Galilaia) as if of an imaginary Galilaian nabi> and of his equally imaginary disciples -- and, because continually well-funded, this quite far-fetched and fanciful litterary project eventually succeeded in making the past Julio-Claudian imperatores venerated again, if only under their litterary pseudonyms as thus supplied. Before this fiction became successful in the Roman imperium itself, a variant was composed in Irish for circulation in Hibernia, with /Tiberius/ is its shorter form (/tibia/ 'shin'; to match /caligula/ 'buskin') repraesented (making use of the customary royal designation /Labarnas/ to /Tabarnas/ aequivocation in the cuneiform texts from H^attusas) by /Labraid/, said to be "struck on the shin" (LI, p. 303a), and (in a rather jocose reminiscence of the flat Veronica eikon) "flat-faced" (LI, p. 304b) -- though here instead his face's being impressed against a cloth held by a woman, Labraid directly "laid his head {with /head/ substituted for /face/, surely by manuscript-copyists} in her lap" (loc. cit.). [written Aug 1 2015]}

pp. 20-1 the divine Ennead {cf. the Kemetic Ennead of deities}

p. 20

"Puharich had already been involved in another astonishing adventure with the 'space people'; it is described in detail in a book called Prelude to the Landing on Planet Earth (1977) by Stuart Holroyd.

After ... Geller ... Puharich began to receive more messages from the Nine via a medium named Phyllis Schlemmer. ... Puharich, together with an Englishman named Sir John Whitmore, were assured that, together with Phyllis Schlemmer, they were now channels for the energies of the Nine {i.e., the Ennead} ... . This time, the messenger of the Nine was a being who called himself Tom (short for Atum {/Atum/ is a poorer transliteration than /I,TM/; also, why could /Tome/ not be short for /atom/ or, even better, for /tome/ ('section of a book')?}), who spoke to Phyllis Schlemmer, while she was in a trance. The three of them travelled around the world, meditating and praying ... .

But the main purpose of the Nine was to announce a mass landing of UFOs on Earth ... . According to Tom, the purpose of the Nine is to bring about an alteration in the consciousness of 'planet Earth', which has become a kind of

bottleneck in the universe.

{a hindrance or obstruction or obstacle, in the so-called local universe (i.e., in the local sector of the universe)}

'This planet was originally created to teach [human beings] balance {interrelation} between the spiritual and the physical world, but in this physical world they got involved

in the material world,

{and their ruling-classes into a false hypocritical world-view entirely ignoring the divine, or spiritual world (immaterial subtle planes-of-existence)}

and so [they] never evolve beyond the belt {limit/limitation} of this planet ... . It is important for the level of consciousness of this planet to be raised.' ...

p. 21

So, when the Nine again spoke in a Tel Aviv ho[^]tel room room while Geller was in trance, Puharich had every reason to believe in their genuineness. ... UFOs that hover at the end of the street, tape recorders that record without being touched,

cassettes that dematerialise in front of the eyes --

{are miraculously teleported away from the locality by praternatural divinities, not strictly "dematerialise". Nothing can actually "dematerialize", for all substance is aeternal and indestructible (not only souls, but also energy and matter being indestructible and aeternal).}

these are enough to convince anyone that he or she is dealing with real {but non-physical, praeternatural} forces."

Stuart Holroyd : Prelude to the Landing on Planet Earth. W. H. Allen, London, 1977.

"Ennead" &

p. 21 poltergeists & pirit-possession

"At that time [i.e., in the 1970s], I totally took it for granted that

so-called 'poltergeist' activity was a kind of unconscious 'psychokinesis' (mind over matter) caused by the minds ... . ...

{There is in existence indeed one sort of veritable psychokinetic effect : it is when the mind is able to control to brain so as to produce electro-chemical activity in the brain. But there is little way that the mind (which is associated with the brain, the brain being a portal connecting the mental plane [which is the true home-base of the mind] with the material plane) could directly very much affect extraneous material objects.}

Five years later, in the early 1980s, I was commissioned to write a book on poltergeists, and began to research the subject ... .

To my embarrassment, I soon found myself in no doubt whatever that poltergeists are disembodied spirits, who can make use of the energies {willingly available from the material bodies} of ... people {i.e., of peculiarly talented people who possess that particular aptitude for co-operation with the praeternatural spirit-world} ... .

{Though it is entirely true that there are various types of "disembodied spirits", litterature establishing this occult fact is relatively difficult to come by, for usual litterature in circulation is confined instead to a supposition of direct psychokinesis. That is because such literature is promoted by capitalist-stooges, who are at great pains to deceive the general public on this topic -- for if the general public were to recognize that disembodied praeternatural spirits (divinities) do indeed exist, then the general public would (through occult orders in co-operation with labor-unions) seek alliance with the spirit-world (viz., world of divinities) for the overthrow of capitalism (which could then be eventually accomplished, to the great joy of the working class). [written Sept 7 2014]}

I also began to believe that 'spirit possession' cannot be explained away as a kind of medieval superstition.

This is why ... I had no doubt that it was not a case of possession by some 'archetype' of the collective unconscious.

{The only actual "archetype of the collective unconscious" that could even conceivably exist would have to be as an independent deity, anyway. After all, the only way that "the unconscious" could be collective would be for some deity (or rather, committee of deities) to arrange telepathic communication among humans on a subconscious level. And the only reason for their acting on the subconscious level world be for a subversive purpose, i.e., a secret collective conspiracy for the overthrow of capitalism. [written Sept 7 2014]}

I do ... accept that the 'spirit' that possessed {obsessed, in the case described} was certainly some ... disembodied entity."

pp. 21-2 bizarre & complex : controlled by unseen entities

p. 21

"I ... read John Mack's Abduction, as well as Budd Hopkins's Missing Time and Intruders, and David Jacobs's Secret Life, and I could see that the

p. 22

subject was ... bizarre and complex ... . Now I see why Geller and Puharich ... and seen tapes


{not literally "dematerialise", but be subtly (i.e., by immaterial means) cloaked and teleported thence by praeternatural divinities}

plugs pulled out of sockets {by praeternatural agents}, car engines immobilised {by divinities understanding their mechanism well-enough to accomplish this}. They knew they were dealing with some kind of paranormal force, not their own powers of telekinesis. ... Which certainly suggests that the unseen entities possess some


{admirable, not "alarming"}

powers. ... But ... are these entities ..., as Puharich


{was effectively informed by those praeternaturals themselves}

intelligent beings from space who have been watching our planet

for thousands of years, and

{yea, and for as long as species have been in existence (millions of years), and even for as long as planets have been in existence (billions of years)}

who have intervened in human history

{yea, and in the history of multitudinous planets (strewn throughout the universe) on the material-plane}

more than once?"


Colin Wilson : Alien Dawn : an Investigation into the Contact Experience. Virgin Publ Ltd, London, 1998. Fromm Internat Publ, NY, 1998.