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pp. xiii-xiv other recommended books (to supplement this one)

p. xiii

Mario Pazzaglini : Symbolic Messages : an Introduction to a Study of "Alien" Writing. Newark, Del. : PZ Pr, 1991. ("study of the structure of alien languages")

Paul Richard Goddard : Time and Space : the Conceptual Answer. Bristol : Clinical Press, 1995.

Gerald Hawkins ("research into the crop-circle code, ... as it concerns the initials of presidents of the Societies from Psychical Reasearch")

David Morehouse : Psychic Warrior. St Martin's Pr, NY, 1996. London : Joseph, 1996.

p. xiv

"Alien Discussions, the transcript of the MIT conference on UFOs".

C. D. B. Bryan : Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind. Knopf, NY, 1995.



Too Many Solutions?


pp. 1-2 failure of Freudism constrasted with transcendence by means of LSD

p. 1

"Stanislav Grof ... in ... Czechoslovakia ... had read Freud, and ... become a psychologist ... . But, when it actually came to applying Freud's ideas to real people, ... They ... didn't seem to work ... . ...

One day, a package arrived from the Sandoz Pharmaceutical Laboratories in Basle ... a new drug called LSD ... . Grof himself tried it, and it changed his life. '... I felt an array of emotions of an intensity I had never dreamed possible. ... I was hit by a radiance that ... catapulted me ... into cosmic dimensions.' ...

p. 2

Like Aldous Huxley, ... this ... he recognized as a 'mystical' experience, Grof realized that 'this drug ... LSD might be used to restore contact with reality -- not just ordinary 'objective reality', but a far wider reality. He began ... administering ... small doses of LSD to patients. ... But larger doses brought on mystical experiences that sounded [when described by the patients] like those described in the classic texts of Eastern philosophy. ...

In due course, Grof moved to America, continued ... with LSD and ... introduced me to ... Professor John Mack of Harvard."

pp. 3-5 astral-projection & spirit-possession

p. 3

"Rhea White ... described how ... in her teens, when ... she was driving [and her automobile-car suffered a sudden collision]... She suddenly found herself floating above the car ... . Then the thought struck her : 'So this is what it's like to die.' ... The experience led to her ... becoming an assistant to J. B. Rhine at his Institute of Parapsychology at Duke University."

(Grof had, after coming to America, treated a woman "with high doses of LSD" :

p. 4

she in consequence became for two hours apparently possessed by the Devil, who spake through her mouth "in a deep male voice". "The male voice introduced himself as the Devil.") "I ... felt that ... After all, if Rhea White could leave her body, then there seemed no obvious reason

p. 5

why someone -- or something -- else should not take up temporary residence in Grof's patient."

pp. 5-8 abductions of mortal earthlings by extra-terrestrial space-aliens aboard flying-saucers

p. 5

"I ... saw ... Abduction : Human Encounters with Aliens, by John Mack ... . ... In 1989, Mack had been asked ... if he would like to meet Budd Hopkins ... a New York artist who tried to help people who ... had been taken into spaceships ... . But Mack ... a few months later agreed to meet Hopkins. And he learned, to his amazement, that all over America there are people ... taken from their beds by little grey-skinned aliens with huge black eyes, transported aboard a UFO, and there subjected to medical examination ... .

p. 6

Back in own their beds, {after awaking} they usually have no memory of what happened ... . Under hypnosis, they could ... recall the experience in great detail. ...

When Hopkins suggested that he [Hopkins] should refer cases from the Boston area to Mack, Mack agreed. Between 1990 and the publication of Abduction four years later, he had seen more that a hundred 'abductions' ... . ... A typical case concerned [C.], a ... nightclub receptionist{ess} ... , she saw on television that a UFO had been seen in the Boston area. ... After a number of hypnotic sessions, memories of abduction began spontaneously. ... She was taken out of her car by aliens, and guided into a UFO, where her abductors began to remove her clothes. ...

p. 7

She was taken into an enormous room, with many tables, with human beings lying on them. She was made to lie on a table, and an instrument was inserted into her vagina. When if came out, there seemed to be a foetus on the end of it, about three months old. (Three months before, ... in the middle of the night ... at a rest stop ... she believes she may have been impregnated ... .) ... She finally became one of the most active members of Mack's support group, reassuring others ... . ...

A poll {nationwide quaestionaire} conducted ... by the Roper organisation in 1991 indicated that hundreds of thousands of Americans ... have undergone abductions {by aliens from outer space} experiences. ...

The case that most fascinated me ... was that of a young man ... Paul. Sessions with a female psychiatrist had been unsuccessful ..., for she found herself unable to cope with the 'alien' material that was beginning to emerge.

Once, during a session, he asked for some sign of the reality of his experiences {he would not have dared to requaest this, if he had not been commanded to do so by divine spirit-voices, who assured him that they would respond}, and a loud bang occurred, which frightened the {female} psychiatrist.

{Likewise, when Carl Jung had requaested of the spirit-world [evidently at its secret command], in the praesence of Sigmund Freud, for a supernatural confirmation of his divine revelation, there occurred during their mutual praesence in the chambre a loud sound, terrifying the ungodly reprobate Freud.}

Later, at home, she experienced {leviational} phenomena : her bed had bounced up and down,

{When this befalleth the table at a collective se'ance organized to summon otherworldly entities, it is commonly known as "table-tilting".}

as a result of which she had ... to exorcise the house of

p. 8

'evil spirits'. ... .

{Surely, the only "evil spirit" in that house was her own impious self (impiously doubting the benevolence of praeternatural entities).}

... Paul recalled an abduction ... . The alien had come into his room and taken him by the hand into a 'ship'. ... [On another occasion,] he had one night experienced 'a familiar voice ...' telling him to go outside. On the porch, he saw the 'ship' overhead, huge and round, and brightly lit. Then he was joined by a group of aliens ..., with whom he felt at home. He was placed naked on a bench in the UFO, and examined. Later, one of the beings showed him the controls, and explained that

'you're from here'. ...

{He had been a membre of the crew in his praevious incarnation.}

At this point in the hypnotic session, Paul seemed to break through an 'information barrier', and to recognize that he had a dual identity, as an alien and a human being. He came from another planet, and 'there are a lot of us [space-aliens] here [on this planet]'. ... The aliens, Paul said, had ... a higher form of consciousness.

Yet, ... they could ... understand ... human beings are ... destructive, and ... resistant to change. ...

{Any such understanding must involve recognizing the fact that only the ruling-class (consisting of capitalists and of capitalist-stooges) is destructive and resistant to change (progress toward communism), due to the inhaerent overwhelming desire [to inflict maximum possible suffering upon all persons other than themselves] that is ferociously dominant in the soul of every membre of the ruling-class.}

At one point, Paul remarked ..., 'I want to go home.'

{So long, however, as we communist space-aliens are serving a tour-of-duty here on this planet, we cannot shirk our assigned duty.}

He went on to comment that the aliens had been to Earth thousands {actually, hundreds of milliions} of years ago ..., in the days when the highest life forms were reptilian."

pp. 9-13 the author's own conversion to faith in the supernatural, as described in his own book The Occult

p. 9

"I had written extensively about multiple personality, and ... cases described by {authors} like Adam Crabtree, Ralph Ellison and (more recently) David Cohen ... led me to conclude that 'spirit possession' must be considered a possibility."

{More than being restricted to mere isolated "cases", unrecallable spirit-mediumship under divine controls is the standard basis of mass-religions and of large-scale traditional religious services throughout West Africa, and amongst practitioners of the West African diaspora in the Americas (Haiti, Cuba, and Brazil.}

"I had ... interest in Unidentified Flying Objects. ... The news unleashed a flood of sightings -- no fewer than eighty-eight on Independence Day, 4 July 1947, alone -- four hundred people spread

p. 10

across twent-four states. By that time, there were reports from England, Chile, Italy, Japan and Holland -- the Chile sighting was made at the De Salto Observatory, where astronomers estimated that the saucer was travelling at 3,000 miles an hour."

p. 11

"It often happened ... I set out ... with ... the feeling ... that the problem lay in the limitedness of consciousness itself. ... These, it seemed to me, are really interesting questions : how we could raise our intensity of consciousness, how we could cease to be what Nietzsche called 'human, all too human'.

It seemed obvious that the feeling of happiness is a state of mind, which had ... to do with ... the great riddle ... inside us, not with what happens around us."

{Happiness is largely dependent on one's metaphysics : that is, on whether (or not) one be convinced that the universes (internal and external -- mental and material -- alike) are securely controlled by benevolent divine intelligences for the welfare of all.}

"In the 1960s, I was asked write a book about the paranormal. As soon

p. 12

as I began to look into such matters as telepathy, precognition, second sight, out-of-body experiences, it became obvious {evident} to me ... that the evidence for ghosts or poltergeists or precognition is as strong as the evidence for atoms and electrons. Towards the end of The Occult, ... I discussed ... Captain Thomas Mantell's plane ... chasing a UFO in January 1958.

Then I went on to discuss a case ... of a Dutch yogic practitioner named Jack Schwartz ... able to lie on a bed of long sharp nails, with a heavy man sitting on top of him. The nails would sink deep into the body, yet the wounds would not bleed, and Schwartz obviously suffered no discomfort. In 1958, Schwartz had been the welfare officer on a Dutch ship going through the Suez Canal. ... Suddenly, a tall, thin Arab approached Schwartz, announced 'You are my master', and kissed his feet. Then he ... disappeared, and the watch at the gangway had not seen him. A year later,

as he was leaving a lecture in Los Angeles, a small man approached Schwartz and ... kissed his hand,

{Oddly, perhaps the most curious encountre which I have experienced (in a dream) occurred as I was leaving the lecture-hall at the end of a lecture (in the dream : the lecture, delivered to quite a large dream-audience, had been an oration advocating overthrow of the capitalist government), when a person (not a man, but a woman) with whom I was not familiar, approached me and in the hallway kissed my body (quite surprising me, such not having happened before -- nor had I heard any such lecture before in a dream).}

then reminded Schwartz that he had once kissed his feet and called him his master. ... But this man -- apparently reading his mind -- said, 'we can appear in any shape we desire' -- and explained that 'he come from a tribe of people who


{This would be a self-depraecatingly way of saying, "intentionally landed in an undignified mode, inasmuch as we had volunteered to this mission in all humility".}

in a rocket ship on earth thousands of years ago'. He then told Schwartz that he was bringing him a message from his master in Nepal. ...

A few years later, Schwartz began receiving telepathic messages about his 'mission'. And a woman patient spoke in a metallic voice, telling Schwartz that he was from Pluto {symbolic name for a planet of ploutos 'wealth', i.e., a commonwealth} and that he -- the voice -- was from

p. 13

Venus. The Venutian, who called himself Linus,

{Stated (Hyginos 161; Martialus 9:86:4 -- LD, s.v. "Linus II") to be son of Ourania the Mousa-goddess of astronomy, Linos is called (Pausanias 1:29:3) Oito-linos by the Athenian PAmPHOs : cf. the name /PAPHOs/ of the founder in Kupros of the city Paphos (Hyginos 242 & 270 & 275 -- DCM, s.v. "Paphos 2"), where there is worshipped (Pausanias 1:14:6 -- Th"AC1") the goddess Aphro-dite Ourania, identified with Latin goddess Venus}

went into technical detail about the 'gaseous' inhabitants of Venus ... .

{This oddity may be based on aequating Latin /VAPor/ 'gas' with Skt /VAPu/ 'beauty'; in conjunction with the beauty-contest ("Judgement of Paris") won by Aphro-dite.}

Two months later, Linus again spoke to Schwartz through the mouth of another patient.

And a psychic girl in Vancouver told him that she had travelled astrally to Venus

{The connection of venereal goddess Venus with Vancouver may have been made through aequating discovery of the island (by Juan de FUCa) with use of the English word (/FUCk/).}

the previous night {during her dream?}, and that she had seen him there in company with Linus."

DCM = Pierre Grimal (transl by A. R. Maxwell-Hyslop) : The Dictionary of Classical Mythology. Blackwell Publ, Oxford, 1986.

Th"AC1" = "Aphrodite Cult 1".

{Presumably, Roman pope Linos (mentioned in 2nd Epistole of Timotheos 4:21 -- CE"PST") was thus-named on account of his being (and remaining) a priest of Oito-linos (perhaps importer of the cult from Paphos to Roma). The allegation concerning this pope's abode as Etruscan is derived from Heraklees's travel "through Tyrrhenia" (DCM, s.v. "Heracles", p. 200b); the pope's paternity in "Herculanus" derived, via the city-name /Herculaneum/ (noted for the inditement there of Epikourean texts by Philo-demos), from the legend of (DCM, s.v. "Hercules", p. 209a) Heraklees's "erection of a dyke and a road ... separating the sea from Lake Lucrinus in Campania." "Near the lake was a temple of Venus ... : Lucrina Venus" (LD, s.v. "Lucrinus", p. 1081a). [This rather artificial nomenclature is an allusion to the LUCRe (= ploutos) accruing to Paphic Aphro-dite; with the "dyke" as a reference to her (and her priestesses') sapphic tendencies.] (The selection of Heraklees as model for derivation of pope Linos is likely based on a Coptic-rite-style distinction (admitted by Loukianos in DD 11 (16) for the post-mortem ousia of Heraklees) of post-mortem double personality for Theos ho Huios.)

All the early Roman popes (and not only pope Hippolytos, author of a book effusively recommending Hellenic philosophies) seem to have been pagan-ordained officiants of Hellenic mystery-cults (at least in the fictition-mongering series of novels constituting early "Christian" litterature).}

CE"PST" = Catholic Encyclopedia article "Pope St. Linus".

LD = Charlton T. Lewis & Charles Short : A Latin Dictionary. Oxford, at the Clarendon Pr, 1879.

DD 11 (16)= Dialogues of the Dead 11 (16).


Colin Wilson : Alien Dawn : an Investigation into the Contact Experience. Virgin Publ Ltd, London, 1998. Fromm Internat Publ, NY, 1998.