Alien Dawn, 10C


p. 285 phoney decoy-worlds to misguide ploutokrat-materialist capitalist-stooges : contrasted with genuine divine worlds of spirit-guides to lead on the faithful supernaturalist-communists

"At a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1979, John Wheeler called for the paranormal researchers, whom he called 'pseudos', to be 'driven out of the temple {a supernaturalist term!!} of science'.

{Researchers in the supernatural may eventually (by suggesting that the universal divine government may disapprove of rampant capitalist wastefulness) alarm the ploutokrat-materialists, who might consequently rashly undertake some such drastic action as destroying the world with atomic bombs in order to circumvent supernatural disapproval of their greed-maddened schemes. Therefore, supposedly, it might be safer simply not to have any praeternatural/paranormal science (or at least not so prominently displayed in such a public way).}

Yet is was this same John Wheeler who suggested that the universe does not exist until we observe it, and whose student Hugh Everett argued that there must be billions of parallel universes -- ideas {wild conjectures} that Huxley would have regarded as ... more outrageous than ... ghosts and spirits."

{Delusions such as creating-out-nothing by mere observation (a notion which is popular among capitalist-stooges, who praetend that capitalist production is out-of-nothing rather than by means of a heavily-exploited working-class), or as believing in endless purely hypothetical "parallel universes" (which is a bait to greed-maddened capitalists, seeking every opportunity to exploit and to enslave as-yet-undiscovered worlds), are all very useful to mollify capitalist-ploutokrats, who are thereby temporarily restrained (for the time being) from destroying the world with their bomb-weapons of mass-destruction.}

pp. 285-6 variant vibrational rates in same space

p. 285

"We have encountered ... Vallee's comment that 'the UFOs may not come from

p. 286

ordinary space, but from a multiverse which is all around us', or Air Marshall Dowding's suggestion that UFOs 'could be creations of an invisible world coincident with the space of our physical earth ... .'

John Keel believes that UFOs 'move into our spatial and time coordinates' by gearing down from the higher frequencies', and into our colour {and sound, etc.} spectrum. Again and again, there is the suggestion that some other reality exists on a level that is somehow parallel to ours, but on a different vibrational rate."

pp. 286-7 Lethbridge's pendula

p. 286

"a retired Cambridge don named T. C. Lethbridge ... had been keeper of the Anglo-Saxon Antiquities Museum. As an archaeologist, Tom Lethbridge had soon recognised the curious fact that a dowsing rod can not only detect underground water, but {also} buried artefacts. ... But Lethbridge ... used it constantly in his archaeological work for detecting potsherds, bronze artefacts and agricultural implements.

... . And, when he retired to Devon in 1957,

the eccentric old lady who lived next door told him

{"wise woman" (confidante of fae:ries?), who was likely informed about this by fae:ries who wished her to transmit the information to Lethbridge}

that the pendulum would respond to different substances according to the length of the string. ... What he did was to take some specific substance ... and dangle over it a pendulum whose string ... could be lengthened or shortened. When the length of the string reached thirty and a half inches, the pendulum went into a circular swing.

Silver was twenty-two inches, gold twenty-nine, tin twenty-eight. ... He discovered that truffles respond at seventeen inches ... . ...

He wondered if these various substances give off some distinct signal,

which is picked up by the body ... .

{Absurd! It is not "the body", but instead the pendulum, which is doing the responding.}

But he finally came to agree with Sir William Barrett ... and Professor Charles Richet ... that it is to the mind of the searcher to which the pendulum responds".

{Wrong! If the pendulum were simply responding to his mind, it could not find any hidden substances, because he did not know in his mind the location of any. The fae:ries, however, knew the hidden locations, and were causing the pendulum to respond.}

p. 287

Sometimes several substances -- and ideas -- shared the same vibrational rate, so that at ten inches the pendulum responded to graphite, milk, fire, the colour red and the direction east.

{The match of red with east is likewise to be found in the Puran.a-s, where ruby is the substance (of the linga) venerated by god Indra in the East.}

But each item was characterised by the number of times the pendulum gyrated in a circle.

What if ... extended ... beyond forty? ... There was one difference. Held over a piece ... it would not react directly above ..., but slightly to one side. Why? Lethbridge speculated that since forty was the 'rate' for death, the pendulum might be

registering some realm beyond death where ... objects register as slightly displaced -- like ... appearing bent in a glass of water."

{It is customary, in West African rituals on behalf of the dead, to employ a water-container said to embody the ghost of dead within the water.}

{The energy-waves generated by pendulum are, of course, sub-sonic (below the audible frequencies for sound). There could hardly be involved a fixed factor of the standard minuscle size of an individual molecule; instead, a direct sizing (via sub-sonic resonance) of standard stature of the invisible elemental-spirit of each metallic substance could well be involved, and also of the standard stature of the invisible plant-spirit. (If so, plant-spirits are somewhat shorter in stature than metal-spirit, while non-metallic crystals [such as carbon in graphite-crystal] are shorter still : these are the traditionally-known Irish sidhe.) [written 27 Nov 2015]} {In order for anything to be detectible in this way, consent of the elemental-spirit or guardian-spirit may be necessary. This consent would needs be acquired from such spirit, who would normally reside in a in a subtle plane, controlling thence the pertinent substance or species-instance located in the material-plane.}

p. 287 psychometry

"Even more odd is the ability of some people to hold an object in their hands and 'sense' its history. It was discovered (and exhaustively investigated) in the nineteeth century by Professor Joseph Rodes Buchanan, who labelled it 'psychometry', and it has since been the subject of hundreds of investigations by paranormal researchers." [fn. 5 : "See my book The Psychic Detectives."]

{Such "psychometry" must involve one's "familiar spirits", spirits which are capable of dealing with family-affairs, such as finding the family-histories of persons who in praevious generations may have owned any such "object" (artefact, usually).}

p. 288 The Legend of the Sons of God {-- this referreth to Thilli^m 82:6}

"It was not until The Legend of the Sons of God, the last of the ten books published in his lifetime (he died in 1971), that Lethbridge wrote about UFOs. He had seen a UFO as early as 1931 -- a typical 'ball of light' ... . ... The reports of post-1947 UFO sightings led him to conclude that Earth has ... been visited by 'aliens' ... from 'another dimension', separated from us by its vibration rate."

Thilli^m 82:6 "Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the Most High."

citations of the "Most High"

pp. 289-91 The Outsider

p. 289

"this was the starting point of my own work. The Outsider (1956) was about the number of men of genius in the nineteenth century who

committed suicide ... induced by 'discouragement'. ...

{Very unlikely! Suicide is usually brought about by extreme enthousiasm to entre immediately into divine worlds -- thus joyfully induced by intense encouragement.}

p. 290

Huxley and Haeckel and Tyndall and the rest assured the romantics {or rather, attempted (futilely) to convince romantics of this falsehood} that the world could be explained in completely material terms ... .

{Romantics are not deceived by such materialists, but nevertheless the romantics may well be dismayed by the vastness of the delusion of materialism's being foisted on the general public. An account of this, romantics may be eagre to depart our of the material-world into a divine world wherein there are no materialists to have to contend withal.}

Contemporary scientists like Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawking {who was divinely punished by beoming unaccountably crippled} tell us the same thing.

{However much they may promote materialism, however, it is accepted only by hypocrites and by intentional deceivers : agents of ploutokrat-promoted materialist delusion.}

In the twentieth century ... culminated ... writers like Graham Greene, William Golding and Samuel Beckett -- the last of these epitomising the notion that

human life is totally pointless and meaningless."

{The lives of materialists (especially of ploutokrat-materialists) are, indeed, "totally pointless and meaningless."}

p. 291

"The philosophers who take this meaningless as their starting point -- Schopenhauer, Heidegger, Sartre, Foucault, Derrida -- are quite simply wrong.

{Did these "philosophers" claim that only their own lives (and therefore their own philosophies) were especially meaningless, or did that content themselves with all alleging that the lives of other persons' (including persons' whom they knew nothing about) were surely "meaningless"?}

The most urgent necessity at the moment is to create a new philosophy {or a blend of old philosophies?} based on the recognition of underlying meaning."

{Alleged "meaninglessess" is a trap foisted to ploutokrats (and their "philosopher"-hirelings) on mankind. So long as the general public can be tricked into imagining that social and oikonomic considerations are "meaningless", never will resistance to the working-class's being severely exploited by the capitalist-class become paramount; the ploutokrat-class will be at liberty to perpetrate all manner of social abuses.}

pp. 291-2 source of supernatural powers

p. 291

"If this book has tried to make one thing clear, it is that human beings possess powers of which they are unaware.

{That of which humans are all-too-often unaware is that the divine dream-worlds and trance-world are residences of vast hosts of divine entities who are in possession of miraculous powers wherewith they are able to assist mortals. But woe betide the mortal who may arrogantly imagine having any such power independently of the sempiternal deities!}

So, from the point of view of the UFO entities, the human race is a species that is about to make the transition to a state that our visitors

{Utterly wrong! The transition to be made is to recognize that we mortals have no power of our own, no thought of our own, no will of our own -- that all power, all thought, all will is located in deities abiding in transcendent realms; and that all notion of a separate self (isolated from the divine) is illusion.}

p. 292

have already reached. ... their purpose is to help us to make that transition."

{Once humans have become adequately pious (and at the same time erudite both in the physical sciences and in the spiritual sciences), then the transitition will come to be made into a divinely-assisted world of communistic sharing among mortals, including sharing in receiving metaphysical benefits awarded from divine worlds.} {The reason why some expertise in the physical sciences is required of us mortals is that the material universe is a testing-ground for projects originating in subtle planes-of-existence : because the material universe is a composite of mutually-paralyzing-when-totally-intercombined substances of (from) the subtle planes, it is especially suitable for testing potential interactions among subtle planes without actually risking anything currently located in those planes.}

p. 293 quoted from the novel Miracle Visitors by Ian Watson

"mind evolved, a higher mind. The universe ... was an immense simulation : of itself, by itself. It was a registering of itself, a progressive observation of itself from ever higher points of view. Each higher order was inaccessible to the lower order, yet each lower order was drawn towards the higher ... by the suction of the higher. ...

When you inject a higher-order knowledge, something must change within the lower-order reality or be lost to it, to compensate.The trick was ... to create merely mystery ... . ... But really, the UFO wisdom was an awareness of the universe thinking about itself, causing itself, evolving itself."

p. 294 Ralph Noyes

"Ralph Noyes, a Vice-President of the Society for Psychical Research and editor of one of the first books on crop circles, in a novel called A Secret Property (1985) ... reflects ... on the notion that Earth is surrounded ... by a 'psychosphere', an envelope of supersensible realities.

[quoted :] Whipped up into local vortices, ["the psychosphere"] whirled saucer djinns {jnun} into the innocent lives of a farmer in the Brazilian uplands, a housewife on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, a couple of vacationing Americans in Venezuela. ... It merely singed their hair, arrested their vehicles, sucked them into saucer ... ."

pp. 294-5 Patrick Harpur

p. 294

"Another English writer {one of Irish extraction}, Patrick Harpur, believes that behind our material reality there is a 'daimonic reality', and, in a book of that title (1994), he argues that UFO phenomena can be understood only in the same terms as apparitions, fairies, religious visions and the 'other world' of the shamans. His thesis has much in common with Vallee's Passport to Magonia, but draws its evidence from a wider range of examples,

p. 295

and argues that the underlying reality of the universe is what Plato calls the anima mundi {or rather the /psukhe kosmoio/}, the soul of the world."

{False! It would be quite impossible for any one consciousness (such as, e.g., any conjectural "World Soul") to sustain the billions (or trillions) of concurrent lines of reasoning necessary for the functioning of as many entities. Only those many (billions or trillions of) entities, intercommunicating in networked committees, could reasonably well do so.}

{A single tyrant (whether Theos, or Psukhe Kosmoio, or whatever) may be able to domineering command, with gross inefficiency, some far-flung despotic political domain; but for efficient and beneficial functioning, an interco-operating polytheism deriving its governance from the collective experience of all membres must be necessary. Platon, alike to the other antient self-styled "philosophers", wrote more to please the harsh and oppressive local government [Athenians promoted slavery] than to praesent for public benefit any actual truths.}

p. 295 quoted from a 1992 C.W. "article for a Japanese magazine" : an immaterial reality, parallel with the material reality

"years of psychical research have led me to the conclusion that there is a 'psychic reality' which runs parallel to our physical reality. Ghosts, demons, poltergeists, fairies, even 'vampires', are incursions from this 'other reality' into our own. ...

In ancient times, there were simply ghosts ... .

In the Middle Ages came poltergeists.

In the 17th centuries there were vampires. ...

In the second half of the 20th century there are UFOs. ...

We are surrounded by mystery that cannot be understood in terms of scientific materialism. If psychic phenomena have a purpose, it is to ... galvanise us to evolve a higher form of consciousness."


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