Alien Dawn, 10B


p. 278 alleged "bottleneck" (i.e., process-slowing)

"In Stuart Holroyd's Prelude to the Landing on Planet Earth, 'Tom' explained via Phyllis Schlemmer that

Earth is of peculiar importance in the universal scheme of things, but that

{Actually, this planet would be of no more significance than any other planet inhabited by an intelligent species (and at the same time controlled by a viciously praedatory socio-oikonomic system, namely capitalism).}

it is now acting as a kind of bottleneck, preventing the evolution other planets."

{In some sense, because all planets in a designated region of the universe must (for efficiency of universal processes) progress concurrently (in pace with some of region's declining concurrently), therefore a slow pace of progress in any planet could conceivably hindre a more general scheme -- but even so, this could thereupon be corrected by special measures instigated by the flying-saucer High-Command.}

p. 278 "heads"??

"The astronomer David Darling expresses it : '... The universe, as we know it, is built and experienced entirely within our heads ... .' ...

{There is no reason whatsoever to conjecture that anything is thought, imagined, contemplated, nor planned within (as the materialists conjecture) the spatial confines of "our heads" : to the contrary (according the vibhu metaphysics, generally accepted in India throughout recent centuries), each person's consciousness is co-extensive with the universe as a whole, so that each person's thinking, imagining, contemplating, and planning is a universewide activity -- except that that our own brains cannot be involving in any thought process, for the only function of the brain is to restrict and to limit (to function as hindrance to) our thinking.}

This is, of course, the position expounded by Bishop Berkeley in the early eighteenth century -- that our senses 'create' the world,

{One's senses, however, are immaterial qualities generated by immaterial deities; whereas one's material-world head (including brain) is only a hindrance to the senses, just as it is a hindrance to the intellect.}

although its existence is sustained by God.

{That the flickeringly instable consciousness characteristic of individual mortals would be quite incapable of sustaining a stable universe is quite evident; but the stable consciousness of a single stream of consciousness (that of the monotheists' "God") would be even more evidently incapable of coping with such intricacy. Only a polytheistic metaphysics, containing the vast collectivity of the various categories of interco-operative "elemental spirits" could be capable of this (or similar) complexity.}

{D. D.'s rant was already denied by Aldous Huxley (whom author C. W. already quoted approvingly as denying the brain's function in any greater capacity than as a restricting-valve, restricting our understanding of the universe).}

p. 278 "uninhabited"??

"the physicist John Wheeler goes further : ...

But, if light is a 'wave of probability' until observation {on the quantum-level/range/realm only!} causes the wave function to collapse, then we have to assume that the star {which can be defined only in terms which must apply to the macroscopic level/range/realm only!}

{Quite the reverse : because living beings constantly think (al-be-it in the macroscopic realm) in terms of possibilities and probabilities, the intrusion of their consciousness (in the process of performing observation) ought to amplify, if not altogether to originate, any "probability-wave" standing in the macroscopic -- and (surely!) the existence of any star must be praedicated of the macroscopic (certainly not the quantum!) realm.}

(provided it is uninhabited)

{No star in the material universe can ever be uninhabited, for every particle of matter in the material universe is densely inhabited with elemental spirits (according to the generally-accepted tenets of modern occultism).}

is also a wave of probability until its light is observed in the laboratory."


{"As Wolf has already suggested (Star Wave, 1986) we can interpret the imaginary (i) aspects of the psi waves, or perhaps the conjugate (Starred) psi* wave as observer consciousness." ("CDE&SNE", p. 2).}

"CDE&SNE" = D. A. White : "Comments on "Dirac's Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy"."

{Because human observation is known to collapse probabilities (uncertainties expressed as waves of physical action) in the quantum-realm, and to enhance probabilities (uncertainties expressed as opportunities for social action) in the macroscopic realm, it could be asserted (as a "law" of physics) that thought-processes of minds act to transferr uncertainties (expressed as social, i.e. collective-consciousness, waves of social activism) from the quantum-realm to the macroscopic realm of socio-oikonomic progress (for the eventual implementation of communism). [written 26 Nov 2015]}

pp. 278-9 according to David Bohm : electrical gas-plasm is living, and electrons participating in electric currents within metals are aware of each other

p. 278

"David Bohm ... In 1943 ... was working on plasms at the Lawrence Berkeley Radiation Laboratory -- a plasm is a very hot gas {usually at a very low pressure} most

p. 279

of whose atoms have been stripped of outer {conduction-band} electrons, which circulate freely. Bohn noticed that the plasma behaved in many ways like a living thing, that [quoted from (fn. 4) "Quantum Implications, Essays in Honour of David Bohm, edited by B. J. Hiley and F. David Peat (1991), p. 3"] 'the plasma constantly regenerated itself and surrounded all impurities with a sheath, so as to isolate them completely', just as our bodies do ... .

He had the impression that the electrons were alive. He noticed the same thing at Princeton, working on the study of electrons in metals : that also led him to feel that he was dealing with ...

living ... particles, each aware of what the others were doing."

{The ever-living elemental spirits, who inhabit particles, may be mutually aware.}

p. 279 time (or rather, space)-reversal as reconstitution of a physical condition

"Bohm saw a demonstration that provided a metaphor ... . A drop of ink was suspended in a glass jar full of glycerine. A cylinder with a handle ... was turned clockwise, the ink became a streak ... . But, when the movement of the handle was reversed, the 'streak' flowed the opposite way, and condensed back into a drop of ink. The 'order' in the ink drop was apparently scattered -- but was there all the time, merely awaiting an anticlockwise turn of the handle."

{Similarly, because operating in reverse direction in space, gravitation is able to reconstitute the energy inhaerent in dispersed luminance : this (instead of conjecturally alleged "expansion of the universe") is the true cause of the red-shift. Pulling inward, gravitation is able to suck electro-magnetic radiation's components out of space without disturbing its directional orientations -- such non-disturbance being possible because the process's employing as intermediary the "zero-point quantum-vacuum", which is essentially anisotropic (not orientable, and hence not having any discernable effect on orientation of oriented waves). [written 27 Nov 2015]}

p. 280 according to David Bohm : the implicate order's fullness amid emptiness

"Bohm later called 'implicate order', the order 'enfolded' in the hologram. ... The universe is not composed of disconnected parts : there is a fundamental 'interconnectedness'. An individual consciousness ... plays a major {required} part {drawn into the scheme for local conversion by the universal interconnectedness of dynamic mind-interplays} in

converting the waves on the plate into a meaningful reality. {Mutual "interference" (interaction) amongst light-waves in the combined projected images is the source of the visible appearance of 3-dimensional imagery.}

{It is implied that there may be a similarly underlying (2-dimensional? -- if so, perhaps on the boundary-surface of the material universe) structure which by being somehow projected (as in Platon's "Myth of the Cave") or reflected is capable of giving rising to the observed structure of the material universe. [written Febr 6 2016]}

So Bohm has created his own answer to Einstein's objection to the Copenhagen interpretation -- ... that there is an underlying order."

{Bohm seems to have been limited by Platon's "myth", which did not, however (because it envisaged only a single source of luminance), account for a 3-dimensional universe. With reflections (perhaps from an inner enclosing-shaire of the universe) involved, however (involving, thus, multiple luminance-sources), interference could result in a 3-dimensional universe. [written Febr 6 2016]}

pp. 280-3 Hotson's and Lerner's exposures of various inhaerent absurdities in Einstein's "special theory of relativity"

p. 280

"A writer named Donald Hotson sent me a typescript of a book on the identity of Shakspeare's 'Mr W.H.' that was so erudite and amusing that I took the trouble of making his acquaintance ... in New York. ...

Donald Hotson's major interest was quantum theory and its bearing on cosmology. ... he sent me the typescript of a book called Virtual Quantum Reality. ... . ...

p. 281

it argued that Einstein was ... wrong -- not just about the Copenhagen Interpretation, but about virtually everything. ...

A Dutch physicist named Hendrik Lorentz ... In 1904, ... made the suggestion that ... our Earth is {in respect to its effect on velocities of light in its vicinity} a huge 'standing wave' in the ether ... .

{An implication of the Earth's carrying a standing-wave with it, could be that the velocity of light in its vicinity could be measured only relative to the instantaneous position of the Earth, not relative to the aither itself.}

At this point, Einstein ... went on to consider Maxwell's insistence that nothing could travel faster {more swiftly} than light. {Maxwell, however, was not taking gravitation into account, but only massive material objects.} ...

{James Clerk Maxwell never considered the proof (announced by Isaac Newton) that solar "aberration of light" is a definite indication that gravitation must have its velocity being greater than that of light, or he (Maxwell) would not have proclaimed such folly. (Albert Einstein likewise refused to consider this proof.)}

p. 282

Hotson argues that this was a fundamental error. He cites, for example, E. W. Silvertooth's 1989 ... experiment with a revolving laser apparatus, which showed that the wavelength of light varies with direction {thus (using more accurate instruments than possessed by Michelson or Morley) experimentally disproving Einstein's "Special Theory of Relativity"}, and which also registered the fact that the solar system is moving toward the constellation Leo. ...

Einstein went on to create the General Theory of Relativity, in which gravity is regarded as a warp in space ...,

which was apparently proved in the eclipse of 1919 when light rays were shown to bend in the sun's gravitational field. ... .

{It hath since then (rather recently) been shewn that Arthur Eddington (who performed the measurements) entirely falsified the evidence : actually he detected no such bending whatsoever, nor hath any such bending ever been detected since then.}

... Dirac ... suggested the existence of a great ... sea of 'shadow electrons'. Now and then, something boosts the energy of a shadow electron so that it becomes real,

{Note that there is apparently no evidence for "shadow electrons" than the dubious assumption that the square roots of a positive number must always, in quantum-mechanics, include a negative number (even though this assumption is never made in ordinary practical non-quantum applications of arithmetic).}

and leaves a kind of hole in empty space, called a positron.

{This is still something else for which adequate experimental evidence is lacking.}

p. 283

This also answered the question of why electrons do not lose all their energy and collapse in on the nucleus of the atom. That basic level is already occupied by this vast sea of {"ZERO"/nill/zilch!} energy. ...

{Because the total energy in "zero-point vacuum: is always zero, there is therefore never any such "basic level" of energy. The actual reason "why electrons do not collapse in on the nucleus of the atom" is that all sub-atomic particles' attraction of other particle becometh (is), at too close a distance, a repulsion instead.}

In 1921 the physicist Walter von Nernst predicted that light should lose tiny amounts of energy to the ether as it travelled through it.

{VonNernst's theories (such as expounding a cyclic modification of entropy-theory) are approvingly discussed in WVSHDE, pp. 31-6.}

And, a few years later, Edwin Hubble noticed that light from the most distant stars {most distant galaxies (not individual "stars"!), actually} is redder than that from closer stars {read /galaxies/!}

This 'red shift' seemed to show that the stars were moving away at a tremendous speed ...".

{Do note (for historical accuracy's sake) that Hubble never succumbed to the "moving-away"-of-galaxies (or "expansion of the universe") hypothesis, but always explained it terms of tired light, which is the same explanation as given by vonNernst.}

"the 'background hiss' of microwaves ... that astronomers {hypocritical ones only} believed {or rather, feigned} to be a remnant of the Big Bang can also be explained as a consequence of zero-point energy ...; while, in a book called The Big Bang Never Happened, Eric Lerner points out that cosmic dust and microfilaments of plasma {which is exceedingly abundant in galactic, and even in inter-galactic, space} absorb and retransmit microwaves at a lower frequency."

"Hotson goes on to develop a bold theory of 'virtual quantum reality', which has something in common with Bohm's ... holographic universe."

{Donald Hotson's "negative energy" is related to David Bohm's"pilot-waves" ("DE&NE").}

WVSHDE = Helge S. Kragh & James M. Overduin : The Weight of the Vacuum : a Scientific History of Dark Energy. Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, 2014.

"DE&NE" = "Dirac Equation & Negative Energy".

{Though "dark energy" is itself surely a fiction (the "missing" mass and energy being located instead quite reasonably in the quasar of the galactic core). However, Hotson's account of "negative energy" may be possible enough. & }

{In "DE&SNE3" p. 27b, Donald L. Hotson recommended the following books :

"The Conscious Universe (Radin, 1997),

The Self-Aware Universe (Goswami, 1993),

The Non-Local Universe (Nadeau and Kafatos, 2001), and

Entangled Minds (Radin, 2006)."}

"DE&SNE3" = Donald L. Hotson : "Dirac’s Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy, Part 3 : Structure and Unification". INFINITE ENERGY 86:20-29 July/August 2009.

p. 284 quantum-jitter

"The physicist Willis Lamb ... noted ... the fact that electrons were {and are} 'jiggled' slightly in their orbit by zero-point energy (which produces a kind of jiggle ...)."

"Puthoff writes :

[quoted] A particle sitting in the {Dirac} sea of electromagnetic zero-point fluctuations develops a 'jitter' motion. ... When there are two or more particles, they are influenced ... by the fields generated by the other particles, all similarly undergoing jitter motion.

The coupling between particles due to these fields produces the attractive gravitational force."

{If so, then uncoupled (isolated) particles ought to exert no gravitational mass, regardless of great their inertial mass may be. (This hypothesis may be experimentally testable.)}

pp. 284-5 Puthoff, Clarke, and Boyer on "zero-point energy" as expostion of inertia, of gravitation, and of "stochastic electrodynamics"

p. 284

"In 1993, Puthoff, together with his colleagues Bernhard Haisch a nd Alfonso Rueda, produced a paper called 'Inertia as a zero-point Lorenz force', arguing that ...

zero-point energy {i.e., an aggregation of aequal, but opposite-sign, energies} ... resists the the acceleration of energy through it. {However, "energy" cannot in and of itself be accelerated anyway -- particles can be accelerated, but waves cannot be, unless while passing from one medium to another.}

{"According to Haisch and Rueda, inertia arises as an electromagnetic drag force on accelerating particles, produced by interaction with the zero-point field." (EE"SE") [The particles, not "energy" itself, are accelerated.]}

It came to the attention of

p. 285

Arthur C. Clarke, who used it in his novel 3001 (1997), in which interstellar travel is accomplished by something called the SHARP drive, the letters standing for Sakharov, Haisch, Rueda and Puthoff. ...

One zero-point-energy theorist, Timothy Boyer, has even developed

a classical version

{i.e., not accepting the so-called "theory of relativity" (which hath been thoroughly disproven)}

of zero-point-energy physics, which he calls stochastic electrodynamics (meaning random {alluding to the inhaerent "jitter"}), and has reproduced many results so far thought {by other physicists} to require quantum mechanics, and is steadily adding new ones."

EE"SE" copied at

"Stochastic Electrodynamics".

"Calphysics Institute". ("research on the electromagnetic quantum vacuum".)


Colin Wilson : Alien Dawn : an Investigation into the Contact Experience. Virgin Publ Ltd, London, 1998. Fromm Internat Publ, NY, 1998.