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Cosmic Top Secret

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Historical Artwork and UFOs

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Roswell non-event

p. 19 "The ‘aliens’ observed in the New Mexico desert were actually anthropomorphic test dummies that were carried aloft by US Air Force high altitude balloons for scientific research."

{Actual "flying saucers" and their occupants are divine and indestructible (not composed of physical waking-world matter).}

rayed objects in praehistoric & in mediaeval religious arts




its significance



"A detail from ‘The Madonna and Saint Giovannino’ "

"a flying saucer emanating light or an energy field."



petroglyph in Quere`raro

"Four figures ... with their arms outstretched, below a large oval object radiating what appear to be beams of light."



Stein River, Brit. Col.

"similarity to the artwork from Queretaro".

pp. 41-42 vimana-s in Hindu literature

p. 41

"In the ... literature of India, there are many descriptions of flying machines that are ... unstreamlined structures that fly in a mysterious manner and are generally not made my human beings. ... There are ancient Indian account of ... vehicles that ... had flight characteristics resembling those reported for UFOs, and the beings associated with them were said to possess powers similar to those presently ascribed to UFO entities." (AI) One such

p. 42

flying machine was acquired by king S`alva from Maya Danava of Tal[a]tala.

The Rama-ayana described a vimana as "a double decked, circular aircraft with portholes and a dome. It flew with the ‘speed of the wind’ and gave forth a ‘melodious sound’.

4 types of vimana-s :

"some saucer shaped,

some blimp like,

some triangular and

others like long cylinders".


description of a vimana in the Samarangana Sutradhara :

"Inside one must put the mercury engine with its iron heating apparatus underneath. By means of the power latent in the mercury which sets the driving whirlwind in motion, a man sitting inside may travel a great distance in the sky."


"One time while king Cit[r]aketu was travelling in outer space on a brilliantly effulgent airplane given to him by Lord Vishnu, he saw Lord S[`]iva." {"Chitraketu began traveling all over the universe as the head of the Vidyadharas, in a brilliantly effulgent airplane that had been given to him by Lord Vishnu. While being praised by Siddhas, Charanas and great rishis, Chitraketu took pleasure in chanting the glories of the Supreme Lord, surrounded by the Vidyadhara women. Possessing all mystic powers, great bodily strength, and senses that were free from deterioration, Maharaja Chitraketu enjoyed life for millions of years within the valleys of Mount Sumeru. Once upon a time, while traveling through the sky, Chitraketu saw Lord Shiva in an assembly of great sages, embracing Parvati with his arms as she was sitting upon his lap." (BhP 6:3)}

AI = Richard L. Thompson : Alien Identities. 1993.

BhP 6:3 = Bhagavata Puran.a, canto 6, part 3

p. 42, Fig.s 1-2 Bodish & Hindu voyages in vimana-s

p. 42, Fig. 1

Pema Obar {Padma >od >bar} : "Returning from the realm of the Nagas, this mythic hero flew through the sky in a magically conjured saucepan guided by four d.akinis".

p. 42, Fig. 2

"Golden Castle (Pushpaka Vimana) ... that aerial and excellent car going everywhere at will".

p. 45 in "Chandrigarh" {Chhattisgarh?}, Samskr.ta "documents contain directions for building interstellar spaceships!"

"Their method of propulsion ... was antigravitational’ and was based on a system analogous to that of ‘laghima ... strong enough to counteract all gravitational pull’. ... The manuscripts ... reveal the secret of

‘antima’; ‘the cap of invisibility’ and

‘garima’; ‘how to become heavy as a mountain of lead’."

pp. 46-48 Chinese depictions & descriptions of flying saucers






[mythic] Ji Gun land : "the people could make flying cars that traveled far with a suitable wind. ... Ji Gung people flying a car on a westerly course reached Yew Jo." (quoted also in AUWT 2:6) {Ji Gun = Ki-Kun; "Tarng" = [C^en] Tan (also in AUWT 2:6) : "About 1766 BC in Peking the Chinese Emperor, Cheng Tang is recorded as having ordered the inventor, Ki-Kung-Shi to design a flying chariot for him. Having completed the ‘chariot’ for his emperor, Ki-Kung-Shi is claimed to have flown this aircraft to the province of Honan."}



[depicted in Mogao cave in Kansu] "saucer shaped objects" – small ones (scout-ships?) extending out of big ones (mother-ships?)



[depicted in labyrinth in Hunan mountains, south of lake Tun-tin] "men on flying shields aiming weapon-like implements at the animals."



"A 100 year old Chinese illustration depicting a flying saucer!" (UFO Magazine, July 2002){[at top left of figure,] this "flying saucer" even hath two levels of portholes.}

AUWT 2:6 = Australian UFO's through the Window of Time, Pt. 2 ("Flightpaths of the Gods") -- Cap. 6 ("Ancient Flying Machines Of The Uru")

pp. 48-49, 51 bird-like flying machines in Tibetan, Chinese, and Assyrian lores

p. 48

[Tibetan traditional religious lore] "tells of flying ‘pearls in the sky’ and transparent spheres containing gods who came to visit men."


[description by Vair[o]s.ana of the departure of Padma-sambhava] "then a cloud and a rainbow appeared in the sky, and the cloud came very close. In the midst of the cloud stood a horse of gold and silver. ... When the horse had flown up one ell into the sky, Padmasambhava turned around. ‘Looking for me will be

p. 49

an endless task’, he said and flew away. The king and his retinue ... when they gazed up, they saw Padmasambhava

the size of a raven;

... the size of a thrush, and then

he was like a fly; the next time

he seemed vague and shimmery, the size of a louse’s egg.

And when they looked up again, they could not see him at all." (quoted from GG, pp. 141-8)


"Hou Yih, an engineer for the Emperor Yao, who decided, 4,300 years ago, to go to the moon with a ‘celestial bird.’ ... Hou Yih therefore explained that he "sailed up the current of luminous air." He saw "an horizon which appeared frozen." To protect himself from the glacial air, he built the ‘Palace of the Great Hold.’ His wife, Chang Ngo, left to join him on the satellite, which she described as "a luminous sphere, brilliant as glass, of an extraordinary size, and very cold."" (reference : U&EH) [also quoted in TG, p. 157]

p. 51, Fig. 12

"The Assyrian god Shamash is depicted in his heavenly ship." {This "ship" is a sphaire which is depicted as feathery-winged, like a bird. Cf. the bird Garutman which is the flying vehicle of Vis.n.u; according to the R.c Veda, the head of Vis.n.u became the sun.}

GG = Erich von Da:niken : God of the Gods.

"MYE" = Paul Stonehill : "Mysteries of the Yellow Emperor"

U&EH = Yves Naud : UFOs and Extraterrestrials in History.

TG = David Hatcher Childress : Technology of the Gods.

p. 59 Zulu UFOs (quoted from SS)

"There are things that fly through the night, that you call UFOs, which we in Africa call Abahambi Abavutayo, ‘the fiery visitors’. ... Long before they were heard of in other parts of the world, we, the people of Africa, had contact with these things and the creatures inside them." [also quoted in "US--SA"; cf. also "UE—IZ"]

SS = Mutwa : Song of the Stars.

"US—SA" = "UFO Sightings" : "South Africa"

"UE—IZ" = "UFOs and Extraterrestrials" : "Izishoze Zamatongo" =

pp. 61-62 Eskimo & Paiute flying machines

p. 61

"The first were much bigger than present-day men. They could fly with their magic house, and the snow shovels moved of their own accord and shovelled the

p. 62

snow alone. ... But one day someone complained about the noise that the flying houses made when they flew through the air. ... In those days snow could burn like fire ... . Nor was there any ice at that time." (quoted from BE)


"The Paiute ... recount a superior civilisation known as the Hav-Musuvs. They used ‘flying canoes’ which were silver in colour and had wings. They describe them as ... making a whirring noise." [vide "TMFS"]

BE = Peter Freuchen : Book of the Eskimos.

"TMFS" = 'Tribal Memories of the Flying Saucers' by Oga-Make (article in the Sept. 1949 issue of FATE magazine)

p. 72, Fig.s apparent depiction of flying saucers in cave-paintings

p. 72, Fig. 6

[cave in Varzelandia region in Brazil] "a flying saucer"

p. 72, Fig. 7

[Peche Merle caves in Les Cabrerets in southern France] "a classic saucer-like image"

p. 82 internet sources

Flying Saucer Review

"Australian Aboriginal Culture and Possible UFO Connections"

pp. 87-93 unidentified saucer-shaped objects depicted hovering in the sky in European religious paintings & tapestries [all dating late 15th to early 16th centuries]

when & where produced

current location & catalog-#

pertinent depiction

(p. 87)

1486 in church in Ascoli, Italy

(p. 87)

London NG739

(p. 89) painting Annunciation

"UFO-like object ... constructed of several golden rings" with golden ray from its centre

(p. 89)

c. 1469-5 in Florence

(p. 89)

Florence 13971475

(p. 91) painting Tebaide

beside a crucifix, a "red disk-shaped object with a dome feature" {= skull of >adam ‘red’}

(p. 91)

15th century in Tournai, Belg.

(p. 92)

Beaune, France

(p. 91) tapestry Life of the Virgin Mary

(p. 92) tapestry Magnificat

[in each tapestry] black domed saucer in sky

(p. 93)

1538, for king Gosci/Gutscmin

(pp. 92-3)



(p. 93) Summer’s Triumph

4 black domed saucers in sky

p. 90 The trees whereabove the red hat is hovering are depicted as having their branches arranged in horizontal layers. {Although because the trees are tall and their branch-layers not wide, they are understood to be "pine trees" (p. 91), almond-trees also have their branches layered; and the rod of >ahro^n (who became the aequivalent of a red-hatted cardinal) which resprouted is said to have been almond. Perhaps instead of almond-trees pine-trees were depicted in order to a allude to Pituo-kamptes (‘Pine-bender’), a travel-hazard along the same route as Prokroustes of the stretching bed – the bed of <og is described in the Torah; and /<og/ hath the meaning of ‘loaf’, the loaf being the Aithiopian and Asiatic Christian form of the bread-eucharist.}

pp. 93-5 Glorification of the Eucharist

(p. 93) attribution : 1595 in Montalcino, Italy

(p. 94) "metallic coloured sphere" : "There are also two long, straight rods attached to the surface of the sphere. ... . ... this sphere is uncannily reminiscent of early satellites launched into space".

(p. 95) "UFO in Pianello"

pp. 98-99 apparent flying vehicles, each containing a human, in European religious paintings [with multiple trailings behind, like conventional depictions of meteors]


date & location



15th century "Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta"

"Two saucer shaped craft are depicted", each having a 3-pronged apparent landing gear.


c. 1330 "in the Visoki Monastery in Kosovo [Albania]. ...

two flying white objects ... contain figures in a sitting or crouched position".


Matthew Hurley (ed. by Neil Hague) : The Alien Chronicles : compelling evidence for ufos. Quester Publ, Chester, UK, 2003.