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Chapter 3

pp. 78-9 "I Remember Lemuria!"

p. 78

In 1938, a Wisconsin-born hunchbacked dwarf named Raymond A. Palmer had been named editor of Amazing Stories ... . ...

p. 79

In January 1944, Palmer ran a letter from a Richard Sharpe Shaver, ... who claimed to hear “voices” ... . Encouraged ..., Shaver sent Palmer a ... manuscript ... entitled, “A Warning to Future Man.” Shaver said this writings were based on memories of the life on the long-lost continent of Lemuria induced in him by “alien minds” who had come to Earth 150,000 years ago and were still living in vast caverns within the earth. Palmer expanded Shaver’s manuscript threefold and published it in March 1945 as “I Remember Lemuria!” ... Shaver had spent some years in a mental hospital.”

pp. 82-3 Coming of the Saucers

p. 82

Kenneth “Arnold in a book with Raymond Palmer entitled Coming of the Saucers, ... claimed that saucers were occupied by beings less dense than ourselves who

p. 83

had become visible to us ... and that they were here to protect humans from outside influences and from enemies.”

p. 87 FATE

Raymond Palmer and the readers of Fate, a magazine he founded after departing as editor of Amazing Stories – seriously considered flying saucers to be extraterrestrial spacecraft. In fact it was the spring 1948 initial issue of Fate that carried a story by Kenneth Arnold in which he first stated that flying saucers might be from outer space.”


Chapter 7

pp. 190-4 George Adamski

p. 190

The first well-known UFO contactee was Polish immigrant George Adamski ... . ... Adamski ... wrote ... in Fate magazine in 1950. ...

p. 191

Using ... mental telepathy, Adamski ... was able to learn that the man ... Orthon ... had come to Earth from the planet Venus ... . ... Adamski wrote a short account ..., which was added to a UFO book by the British author Desmond Leslie ... published ... in 1953 as Flying Saucers Have Landed. ...

p. 192

Adamski’s account of a saucer trip to Saturn ... Adamski had written in a later book entitled Inside the Space Ships”.

p. 193

British author Timothy Good a story of two Yorkshire police constables who in January 1978 encountered ... glowing object ... . “There were these three great spheres underneath it, like huge ball bearings – three of them equally placed ... .” Good noted, “The three spheres seen under the craft have been observed in a number of incidents, most notably by ... George Adamski ... in 1952 and 1965 ”.

p. 194

Stephan Darbishire ... told Good that in February 1954 ... a UFO in Lancashire, England, ... was identical to those described by Adamski.”

pp. 194-5 other UFO-contactees

p. 194

Howard Menger ... said he had ridden UFOs to most of the major planets in our solar system.”

Daniel Fry ... first met his space contact, A-lan, when he encountered a saucer near White Sands Proving Ground in July 1950. ... Fry said he was offered and accepted a ride on the saucer ... . During the trip,

A-lan told Fry that his race were

{"Alanus de Insulis revived Merlin ... by publishing his Prophecies" (HG, p. 82).}

descendants of ancient Lemurians”.

{"Merlin prophesies that ... Lamorak {cf. /LeMuR/} ... will have 'no felowis thys world.'" (KMD, p. 200)}

p. 195

Truman Bethurun ... claimed to have been abducted by eight small beings from a saucer while sleeping ... west of Las Vegas in 1952. He developed a relationship with the saucer’s captain, a beautiful space woman from the planet Clarion, which is hidden from the earth on the far side of the sun.”

Elizabeth Klarer, who claimed to have been taken from her South African home to a planet near Alpha Centauri with a man called Akon in 1954, described the planet Meton”.

Orfeo Angelucci ... [in July] 1952, ... boarded a saucer that had landed in a dry riverbed and was taken high above the earth.”

HG = Norma Lorre Goodrich : The Holy Grail. HarperCollins Publ, 1992.

KMD = Beverly Kennedy : Knighthood in the Morte Darthur. Boydell & Brewer Ltd, 1992.

pp. 198-200 the Hill couple; Masse

p. 198

The Hill couple (Barney and Betty) “under hypnosis ... recalled ... a band of little men dressed in black uniforms and that they were taken aboard a nearby landed circular craft. ...

p. 199

Betty ... was given a brief tour of the craft and shown a “star map” when she asked the origin of the UFO. ... 1966, ... Look magazine published a two-part excerpt of a book by John G. Fuller entitled The Interrupted Journey. Fuller’s book became a national best-seller, and the story ... was made into a 1975 NBC-TV move entitled The UFO Incident”.

p. 200

On July 1, 1965, Maurice Masse ... in Valensole north of Marselleis ... two find an egg-shaped device with two small beings ... was paralyzed”.

pp. 201-4, 207, 209 Billy Meier

p. 201

Eduard Albert Meier, born February 3, 1937, ... in Bu:lach, Switzerland ... goes by his nickname “Billy” because of ... Bills of Wild West fame. ... One of those intrigued by the Meier story was ... Gary Kinder, who ...presented his findings in a 1987 book entitled Light Years.”

p. 202

Meier was originally put into contact with the Pleiadians by Father Zimmermann of Bu:lach.

p. 203

In January 1975, “Held immobile by the craft’s energy field, Meier could only watch as ... stepped out ... a beautiful woman with flowing reddish gold hair and pale blue eyes ... . ... Through telepathy, Meier said he learned the woman’s name was Semjase. ... “Semjase first explained briefly that Pleiadian civilization originated ... in the Constellation Lyra. ...” ...

p. 204

When the contact with Semjase and the Pleiadians ended in October 1978, Meier had counted 115 face-to-face meeting that produced more than 1,800 pages of notes”.

p. 207

In later years, a group formed around Meier, calling itself ... the “Free Community of Interest in Border Spiritual Science and Ufology.”

p. 209

Lee Elders and his wife, Brit, ... 1979, ... produced a ... book containing Meier’s “beamship” photos entitled UFO ... Contact from the Pleiades.”

pp. 210-2 the Pleiadians

p. 210

Here is a sampling of the “knowledge” as gleaned from the notes of Billy Meier :

The Pleiadians are part of a federation of civilized worlds ... of an advanced race in the Andromeda Galaxy. ... The Pleiadians occupy

p. 211

four planets around the sun Taygeta, in the star system ... M45. Their home world is the planet Erra ... . ... Because the population communicates by telepathy, there is no dishonesty. All basic necessities are provided for ... . There is ... no irrational grasping for wealth and power. ...

During conversation with Meier, the Pleiadian Semjase explained that she was able to travel the five hundred light-years between Earth and her planet Erra in only seven hours because “beamship” technology allowed the Pleiadians to move into “hyperspace” ... “... faster than the speed of light.” The technology involved ... ‘tachyon’ drives.”

p. 212

Randolph Winters, who claimed that Billy Meier appointed him to write and lecture on the Pleiadian mission, ... said that Meier was only one of more than seventeen thousand humans contacted by the Pleiadians, mostly through telepathy, and that ... the Pleiadians still ... maintain a mental connection with a number of humans. Winters produced a book containing a detailed “history” of ... alien visits to Earth, and a chronology ... including views on spiritual growth, death, and reincarnation – all based on Meier’s notes.”


Chapter 8

pp. 213-6 red world of phoinix

p. 213

One night in January 1967, in Massachusetts, Betty Andreasson “saw small “Halloween freaks” ... wore dark blue uniforms with

p. 214

eaglelike insignia on the left arm. ... Through ... communication – apparently telepathy – Andreasson learned that the group’s leader was called Quazgaa, who ... presented her with a small, thin blue book filled with symbols. ... . ... Andreasson allowed herself to be floated inches off the floor, passing through the closed kitchen door {astral projection?} along with the group. Outside, she was taken aboard an oval UFO resting on three struts. On the underside of the craft were three large balls, similar to those reported by other abductees and depicted in George Adamski’s photos.

Andreasson ... claimed to be escorted into a world where “the atmosphere was a vibrating red color” and strange lemurlike creatures with eyes on stalks climbed around on stucco-type buildings. ...

p. 215

She said she soon arrived at a city with large crystals hanging in the air. One pyramid-shaped building had a sculpted face at its apex ... . She was brought before a large living bird – she could see it breathing – with a bright light behind it. ... “... And that bird looks like an eagle ... . ... It has a white head ... .” ... Suddenly the huge bird disappeared. In its place was a fire with heat ..., and from the ashes of the fire came a large gray worm. ... “the Phoenix figures prominently in early Christian art and literature as a symbol of immortality and the resurrection.” Andreasson then was taken back to the craft, ... and transported home.”

p. 216

She claimed to have been given information that seventy alien races ... have been working for the betterment of mankind on earth”.

p. 217, 219 other UFO abductees

p. 217

1973 incident ... two Pascagoula, Mississippi, fishermen ... heard a “zipping” sound, then saw three small beings exit from a glowing UFO hovering nearby. The creatures ... floated over and took the immobilized men aboard their craft.”

p. 219

November 1975 in Heber, Arizona. Travis “Walton ... said the beam of light from the UFO in the woods knocked him out. When he regained consciousness, he was in a strange room. ... He then made his way th[r]ough what was apparently a spacecraft. ... Walton noticed that as he approached ..., one wall became increasingly translucent, revealing stars against the blackness of space.”


Chapter 10

pp. 274-8 crop-circles

p. 274

Another account from 1678 referred to the “mowing devil” of Hartfordshire ... mysteriously cutting his field of oats overnight. The devil “cut them in round circles ... .” ... Simon Brown, a veteran farmer near Winchester, ... in August 1986 ... replied ..., “... My father used to point those circles out to me when I was a lad. They have appeared in one of my fields almost every year for the last 28 years ... .” Another farmer near Whiteparish, Gordon Sparkes, said that he had found several such circles during his twenty-nine years of farming in the area. Another resident Evan Scurclock told researchers, “We used to find them close to Pepperbox Hill, ... around 1936 to 1940.””

p. 275

In mid-1965, ... in Wiltshire, England. On August 10, truck driver Tim Simpson encountered a large red ball of light that gave off “enormous vibrations” before spinning out of sight. On September 7, British army major William Hill also experienced serious vibrations ... . Soon after these incidents, crop circles were discovered in nearby fields.”

p. 276

Often the stalks are interwoven, braided like hair. The crop remains alive ... . ...

p. 277

Circles apparently are created in a matter of seconds ... . “From the evidence we have,” wrote Delgado, “it would seem that ... unknown force creates all the various circle floor details in less than half a minute ... in possibly 20 seconds.” ...

p. 278

Delgado noted that ..., “Bundles of stems ... form a typical plait or braid ... . ... The force field that produced this would have to be operating like a knitting machine. ...”

In addition to the circles themselves, ... other effects have been noted in connection with the phenomenon, such as luminous balls, flashing lights, colors, knocking, whining or humming sounds”.

p. 280 reference :- Pat Delgado & Colin Andrews : Circular Evidence. 1989.

pp. 281, 283 government-concocted disinformation on crop-circles

p. 281

According to George Wingfield, a lecturer with Britain’s Centre for Crop Circle Studies, the meeting was held in September 1990 in London and included the Ministries of Defense {Defence}, Agriculture, and Environment. ... It was decided that ... the Ministry of Defense might “take appropriate meansure” ..., including ... “disinformation,” Wingfield learned.”

p. 283

several crop circle researchers, including Colin Andrews, George Wingfield, and others, have publicly accused the British government of perpetrating a “disinformation” campaign using Doug and Dave.”

pp. 287, 289 anomalies in magnetism & radiology of crop-circles

p. 287

According to Charles Thomas, “the process of crop-circle formation ... produced a local magnetic anomaly ... . The anomaly appears to be linked to the direction in which the stalks are flattened”.

p. 289

Marshall Dudley ..., along with researcher Michael Chorost, found evidence of unnatural radioactive isotopes in crop circle specimens.”

p. 289 anomalous noise & UFO at formation of crop-circles

Residents of Bristol, England, reported seeing flashing lights and one large dark object in the night skies on July 16-17, 1991. ... the warden of nearby Barbury Castle heard a pulsating humming roar ... . ... a crop pictogram ... was discovered near the castle.”

Pat Delgado told of several circles being formed near Westbury, England in 1989 following the sighting of a large UFO ringed by orange lights in the vicinity.”


Chapter 11

p. 296 detecting UFOs by remote-viewing

In 1985, “The remote viewer ... saw ... a circle with no wings. “... it’s a flying saucer.” ... “Over the next ... months there were ... recorded sightings of ‘hovering unidentified flying objects’ by the scanning participants in Project Aquarius,” reported Blum.”

p. 298 accurate praedictions, by Nostradamus, of national ruler

Michel de Nostredame, better known to history as Nostradamus ... by the publication of his book Centuries in 1555, ... included ... naming future leaders such as “PAU, NAY, LORON” – ... for ... Napoleon the King {but the town of PAU in France, and LORRaiNe, could as well be indicated} -- ... and

a German tyrant Nostradamus called HISTER.”

{If “German” could be the “Germanii” of Karmania in Iran, then the king of the Maday (Media, in Iran), namely Uwa-HIS^TAR (the spelling of “Kuaxares”, as written in cuneiform) could be indicated.}

pp. 306, 308 accurate remote-viewing of planets Jupiter & Mercury

p. 306

“ “... Jupiter’s [ring] is ... impossible to view from earth.” But not impossible for Ingo Swann to have remote-viewed six years earlier. Many other Jovian features described by Swann were confirmed by the later NASA missions”.

p. 308

Swann had correctly identified Mercury’s thin atmosphere, magnetic field, and the helium trail streaming out from the planet away from the sun.”

pp. 311-3 remote-viewing by humans of distal praeternatural worlds

p. 311

Mel Riley, who was one among the first member of the Grill Flame unit, also claimed to have visited other worlds and dimensions in remote viewing.”

Linda Anderson, another experienced remote viewer ..., ... too said she has remote-viewed beyond Earth.”

p. 312

David “Morehouse found himself in a large chamber of light. He was standing directly behind three huge golden thronelike chairs covered with strange hieroglyphics. But ... three giant beings ... occupied the chairs. they wore great golden beards that flowed down to their chests. They each wore large golden helmets. ... Passing the end figure, he noticed a great golden wall in front of the trio. The wall was filled with carvings in high relief, and there were humanlike creatures standing in front of it. ... Morehouse noticed that the three golden men on the chairs seemed to be directing the people before them to touch certain portions of the wall. He decided that wall must be some sort of control panel”.

p. 313

One of the sights ... to remote viewers who have soared through space is ... towers located on airless worlds throughout the galaxy. They seem to be sort of relay towers. ... these towers appear to fling vehicles beyond light-speed from one part of the galaxy to another”.

in a four-dimensional world, everything is translucent, you can see inside everything.”

pp. 322-3, 325-6 Greys, Transcendentals, & Martians

p. 322

a second group -- small gray creatures with large, luminous eyes who originally came from outside our solar system ... were living creatures but without the ego-centered consciousness of humans.

p. 323

A third group involved energy beings – termed “Transcendentals” by some of the remote viewers ..., these shapeless, phantomlike entities appeared to be able to manifest themselves in any way, shape, or form. ... Unlike humanoid aliens, these beings can perceive remote viewers looking at them. Further, they can affect the remote viewing to the point of editing the process. ... The Transcendentals ... seemed to have access to all levels of human consciousness and appeared willing to reveal some details of their operations”.

p. 325

There are continuing visits here by Martian space vehicles that come from deep space and vanish, only to reappear on landing pads within these subsurface bases. These bases appear to be ... operation centers located mostly in caverns, although some are under the sea.”

p. 326

However, they greys do ... appear to be assisting the Martians ... . The impression received by some viewers is that they may be members of some sort of intergalactic Red Cross -- ... they seem to be conducting something akin to ... a United Nations peacekeeping force. ...

But ... the Transcendentals ..., in turn, seem to be carrying out orders from some controlling authority located at a distant point beyond our own galaxy.”

this synthesis of remote viewing reports was ... in 1996 ... the publication of Cosmic Voyage by Dr. Courtney Brown, ... at Emory University in Atlanta, who studied remote viewing under a former member of the army’s psi spies unit.”

pp. 331-2 organizing remote viewers

p. 331

In 1996, Ray Bordon ... began organizing remote viewers ... toward promoting further public study of the phenomenon. ... Borden too spoke privately about alien life-forms – he called them “biokinds” – UFOs, and ... Mars millions of years ago. He too claimed to have seen the ...

p. 332

energy beings, which he called the “disincorporates.” Bordon said that in the 1980s, he remote-viewed the GRILL FLAME viewers at Fort Meade because “they were making bubbles in the ether.”

pp. 331-2 Galactic Foederation Headquarters

p. 331

p. 332

Report from Mel Riley in 1988 :

In 1996, “Bondon mentioned that our galaxy is controlled by one of seven “Confederation Headquarters” ... . He gave this description of this headquarters :

I got the impression of a round structure located on the flat top of ... a mesa. There were streaking rays ... emanating from, or going into, this structure.

It was made of white, polished stone ..., and surrounded by sand on a plateau.”

I wound up going into this structure through some sort of inclined passageway ... . And I was moving forward through this place. ... At the end ... was a long, dimly-lit, rectangular corridor ..., ... a steep incline with a very high ceiling.

... It is reminiscent of a Sumerian {more actually, Kemetic} temple with obelisks ... standing before a long inclined entrance ramp.”

This corridor ended in a large room with a very high, vaulted ceiling. ...

Inside is a room with a high, vaulted ceiling covered with ornate carvings, pictures, signs and letters.”

There was a polished-stone platform in this room ... . And ... I had the urge to ... lie down on his slab There were these white-robed people – entities, that is – standing in a semicircle to one side. ...

On the floor of the center is a raised platform ... .”

Suddenly I was illuminated by a shaft of white light ... from head to toe. It was coming from overhead. And as this was going on, an individual ... held his hands over my abdomen, by solar plexus. ...

The center of the ceiling is light which can change color depending on who is in the room ... .”

It’s almost as if I had been to that place before. It’s like I should have remembered that place.”

I knew I had been there before. This was not a feeling. I had been there before.””


Chapter 12

pp. 348-9 Fat.ima in Portugal

p. 348

The year was 1917, and the seventy thousand people gathered near a samll Portuguese town all saw the UFO. ... There was a strange fragrance in the air, and some heard a soft humming sound. Then came the revolving flat disk, spinning down toward the earth in a zigzag pattern before reversing its course and disappearing into the sun.”

p. 349

Dr. Jacques Vallee commented on this ‘miracle’ at Fatima : “Not only was a flying disk or globe consistently involved, but its motion, its ... trajectory, its light effects, the thunderclaps, the buzzing sounds, the strange fragrance, the fall of ‘angel hair’ that dissolves upon reaching the ground, the heat wave associated with the close approach of the disk – all of these are frequent parameters of UFO sightings everywhere. And so are the paralysis, the amnesia, the conversions, and the healings.”

p. 350 terms for “little people (wee folk)” in various languages













pp. 359-62, 365-6 channeled divine entities : Seth, Michael, Drunvalo

p. 359

Jane Roberts, a poet[ess] from Elmira, New York, claimed to have encountered a disincorporated entity named Seth, described as an “energy personality essence.” She ... was speaking for Seth while in a trance state ... . Over time, the entity Seth, speaking through Roberts, dictated the book Seth Speaks ... in the early 1970s.” {Is the name of “SeTH” a contracted form of the name “SfaTH”, mentioned on p. 202 supra as the Pleiadian protege’ of Zimmermann of Bu:lach?}

p. 360

a collection of soul entities under the name Michael” : “Michael’s messages were compiled into a popular 1980 book by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro entitled simply Messages from Michael. ...

p. 361

The Michael entity explained that each individual is a bit of is a bit of sentient energy or soul that is separate from its personality. This soul is “trapped” in a series of physical bodies “... through the cycles ... . ... The continuous creative forces that is universal casts out entities into physical lifetimes. These entities fragment and become many different personalities. ...””

p. 362

Another recent self-proclaimed representative of disembodied beings was ... Drunvalo Melchizedek. ... Drunvalo reportedly traveled through many levels of both physical and material existence to reach Earth. On this journey, he visited advanced civilizations in the star systems of Orion, Sirius B, and the Pleiades.” [reference :- Bob Frissell : Nothing in This Book Is True, but It’s Exactly How Things Are. 1994.]

p. 365

The Drunvalo book is derived from the Urantia Book. “first published ... in 1955 {but written in the 1920s}. The Urantia Book is nearly three thousand pages of ... description of the nature of God and the creation and structure of both Earth and the universe reportedly channeled from a variety of nonhuman entities, including ...

p. 366

Melchizedek. According to The Urantia Book, the original Melchizedek ...., along with ... Gabriel, administers our ... Nebadon, which contains ten thousand inhabited systems. ... The book’s authors ... stated that humans are spiritual beings living simultaneous existences on many levels”.


Jim Marrs : Alien Agenda : Investigating the Extraterrestrial Presence among Us. HarperCollins, NY, 1997.